Dressing Room Snaps: Talbots Sale Section

The first time I visited Talbots, I was pleasantly surprised to find a skirt that I loved. So, when I was at the Red Door Spa for my hair appointment last week I decided to whip through and do a little dressing room session with some of their sale items.

I mean, my blowout was on point… so why NOT take some dressing room pictures?! Spoiler alert, I didn’t buy anything.

Item #1: Buffalo Plaid shirt
Size worn: Large

Find similar top here: Talbots Classic Casual Shirt

When I entered the store, this shirt basically jumped off the rack into my arms. The bright plaid is so cute and I could totally see it paired with jeans for a casual look or tucked into a skirt for work. I like that it’s more of a half-placket of buttons like a Henley so that the waist can be a little blousy. However, it’s like they didn’t realize that ladies have boobs and hips… the plaid kind of wobbles around over my curves. Perhaps if I sized up it wouldn’t be an issue, but the fit seems fine everywhere.

Item #2: Embroidered Dots Blouse
Size worn: Large

Find it here: Talbots Embroidered Dots Blouse

I love the bright mustard shade of this blouse and the fun dots on the chest area. However, it’s transparent and you would totally have to wear a tank top or something under it. In my case, you can actually see my entire arm tattoo. The fit was consistent with larges at Loft, but I didn’t like that the neckline just kind of flopped around.

Item #3: Dot Jacquard Blazer
Size worn: 12

Find it here: Talbots Dot Jacquard Blazer

I like the shade of blue on this blazer and the subtle polka dots are a total bonus. I also really like it with the mustard colored blouse underneath. I thought this blazer was just okay though. It was a bit boxy and could have been improved by just the slightest cinch in at the waist to show off more of an hourglass shape. This isn’t showing up as on sale on the website, but in the store it was marked down on the tag (I think to $79.99 but the handwriting is really messy).

Item #4: Long Sleeve Camel Cardigan
Size worn: Large

Find it here: Talbots Long Sleeve Charming Cardigan

I don’t have a camel-colored cardigan in my closet and I could see it going really well with other items in my wardrobe. Once again, the cardigan was just okay. It was made well, but seemed a bit boxy with roomy arms. It definitely has more of a ‘grandma’ fit than the similar cardigans offered at Jcrew and Loft.

Item #5: Refined Crepe Flounced Skirt
Size worn: 14

Find it here: Talbots Refined Crepe Flounced Skirt 

I have been on the hunt for a heavier weight black skirt to wear in the winter and grabbed this one up to try. I actually didn’t realize that I grabbed the wrong size, but it’s a good thing I did. Although the other skirt I have (and love) from Talbots is a size 12 and has some extra room… this is a size 14 and I feel like it is too tight on my hips. I’m not really sure what is up with the inconsistent sizing, but if you plan to try this one you might want to size up as well. It doesn’t look bad in the picture, but in person it is quite unflattering. So disappointing.

Final Thoughts
Had this been the first time I’d tried Talbots, I would not ever bothering to come back. Everything was just sort of overpriced and underwhelming. Also, apparently I was totally invisible. The entire time I was there, not one sales person said a word to me, helped me in the dressing room, or took my clothing when I was finished trying everything on. After my previous experience of practically beating overeager sales-staff off with a stick, it was really odd. I really wish they would just duplicate my beloved skirt in like 10 more prints and solids, but until then I think I’m giving up on Talbots until I join the 60+ set that they are catering to.

Do you enjoy these impromptu Dressing Room try-on posts?


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5 thoughts on “Dressing Room Snaps: Talbots Sale Section”

  1. Loved the “try-on” session! You should do more of those! And I thought everything looked good on you, but maybe the good hair was throwing me off.

  2. I really like the blazer! Really just came on to say, DAMN GIRL, YOU’RE LOOKING GREAT!!! Your hair is on point (love the blowout), but your recent workout push is making you look strong! I’m pumped for you, and feel an extra push to go to the gym as well now!

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