Duck, Duck, Duck…House

Tomorrow we’re going to go and look at houses again and I’m a little apprehensive. We went and looked at 5 houses last weekend and I totally fell in love with one of them (as mentioned in the TMI post). A few days after we looked at it, I found out that it went under contract and I was totally crushed.

My husband was obsessed with another of the houses that we had seen (mostly due to the 4 car garage) and was overjoyed that it might make our ‘final list’ since the one I liked was no longer available. Then this morning we found out that it also just went under contract. What makes it super weird is that this house has been on and off the market since 2007 and hadn’t gotten a contract until we looked at it. Boo! Hiss!

I guess the good news is that the market is finally on the rebound with people buying houses again. Of course, it’d be a lot better news if someone would buy OUR house!

The lady who was/is interested in our house came and saw it for a third time last Sunday, but still no contract. According to her agent, she still likes our house but is “dragging her feet because she doesn’t feel the need to rush”.

Um, yeah. I guess I’M feeing the need for her to rush!

Anyways, if we do receive a contract from her or anyone in the next few weeks we feel like it would be a good idea to have narrowed down our list to one or two favorites. Of course, there are no guarantees that someone else might snap them up before we can.

And yes, I know we could put a contract on a house contingent on us selling our house, but those contracts aren’t as attractive to a seller. We’d prefer to have our house under contract so we can just put our purchase contingent on our settlement.

So I’m a bit nervous about going to look at the last 5 houses on our list. Even though I go into it telling myself to hold back and not get too involved with a house by picking out new furniture and making our imaginary child best friends with the neighbor’s kids, I just can’t help it. I guess I’m just a house slut.

I’m going to work super hard to keep my house sluttyness contained tomorrow, but I can’t make any promises.

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