Empty’s – September 2022

I decided to start a new series called “Empty’s” a few months ago. My thoughts were that it’s helpful to revisit an item after it’s been used long term and you decide whether to repurchase it. Or not.

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Here are the items in my Empty’s bin today:

Eau de Toilette Vanille, Anthropologie Perfume

I originally picked this perfume up at Anthropologie years ago on a whim, but it has become pretty much the only scent I ever bother to spray on. It’s pretty inexpensive, compared to most perfumes, at just $18. However, the scent is a perfect blend of vanilla that isn’t too cloyingly sweet and sticks around for hours. I recently came to the bottom of my bottle, so this one was a definite repurchase for me.

Purity Made Simple Moisturizer

I started using the Purity Made Simple face wash and lotion back in 2019, and the lotion is the perfect lightweight daily lotion for me. Once we hit winter, I may switch back and forth between this and a heavier lotion, but for most of the year this is all I need. This is another long-time love that I will be purchasing over and over again.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion

I did a quick search and I’ve been talking about how much I love Palmer’s Cocoa Butter for over 10 years here on the blog. No matter how many times I get distracted with other fancy smelling lotions and potions, I always keep coming back to a simple $6 bottle of cocoa butter. It smells amazing, keeps my dry skin soft and supple and you can find it anywhere – from your grocery store, to Target, to Amazon. This one is a definite re-buy for me and I’m sure I’ll still be shouting from the rooftops 10 years from now how much I still love my cocoa butter lotion.

So, for the first time in the series, we have a 3 for 3 of re-buying!

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