My Easy Travel Conference Capsule Wardrobe

Last week, I had the opportunity to drive up to Atlantic City for a 3-day conference. The focus of the conference wasn’t in my wheelhouse, but it involved a few of our attorneys at work so I was basically just going to network, take a few photos, eat some yummy food at the group cocktail hours/meals, and work from my room.

Oh, and most importantly: enjoy my nice, quiet hotel room with HGTV and a king-sized bed.

Since my schedule was pretty easy, I thought it might be fun to do a quickie conference capsule wardrobe post.

Here’s what I took:

Just one backpack (the Asenlin 40L 17” Travel Backpack with three packing cubes that I previously raved about here: Travel Backpack Review: This one is the BEST for traveling) and my purse.

In that one bag was: 3 conference outfits, pajamas, comfy clothes for the hotel room, shower stuff, make up, my work stuff (laptop, day planner, notebook, charging cords), and 2 books.

Here’s what I brought for the conference:

Three dresses that don’t wrinkle, one blazer that goes with everything, one cardigan that goes with everything and a fun neutral sparkly pair of comfortable flats.

I kept everything in the same color scheme so it would all mix and match. Conference AC is notoriously freezing, so I wanted to make sure I had some layer options in case I was freezing my booty off.

Also, I wanted the option to be day-to-night Barbie by having a dress go with a blazer during the day and then being able to switch out to a more casual (but still professional-looking) cardigan option for the cocktail party and dinner that evening.

And here are the outfits:

And… my in-room LEWK as well:

For the drive there (4 hours) and back (5 hours), I wore a t-shirt, leggings, sneakers and my tie-dye hoodie.

And that’s it – a whole 3-day conference easily packed in a backpack.

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