End of Summer Giveaway: $25 Target Gift Card & FREE Ice Cream!

It’s happened…it’s officially the last week of August. My morning commute was further slowed by the snail-like pace of school buses and this morning’s Facebook feed was dominated with first day of school pictures.

I refuse to give up on summer so quickly though. We’re going to sneak in one last family trip down to Ocean City so that we can celebrate the end of the season with sleeping in, sand and an all-you-can-eat crab feast. I’ll definitely be posting some fun vacation pictures in the near future – possibly even including Ollie’s first trip (that we know of) to the beach.

Until we pack up and leave for our trip, we’re having a bit of a mini celebration at home by eating lots of shaved ice snowballs and Italian ice while the roadside stands are still open. We’ve also been enjoying ice cream at home and I thought I’d share my super easy and tasty treat with you all:

ice creamStep 1: Put an over-sized marshmallow in a coffee mug and microwave it for about 25 seconds until the marshmallow blows up over the top of the cup.

Step 2: Add a couple scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Step 3: Scoot your dog aside on the couch, curl up under your blanket and enjoy your treat while watching trashy TV (VMAs anyone?). Yum!

So speaking of ice cream… let’s have an End of Summer Giveaway!

How to enter my awesome contest:
Leave a comment below and tell me how you like to eat your ice cream. Are you a scoop of ice cream in a bowl kinda guy or gal? Or maybe you like to blend yours into a tasty milkshake and add some liquor?

The prizes:*

  • Grand Prize (1 awarded): $25 Target gift card and a coupon for free Breyers ice cream
  • Runner Up Prizes (3 awarded): a coupon for free Breyers ice cream

I’ll accept entries from now until noon on Thursday, August 29th. Good luck!

A little extra somethin’ somethin’:
In addition to my contest, Breyers is running a “Share your Moments” contest on their Facebook page. You can enter it now through September 23, 2013 by submitting your delicious moments to www.facebook.com/breyers. One lucky winner will be showcased within the Winner’s Gallery each week and will receive exciting prizes, such as a tablet and a year’s supply of Breyers.

This post was created in connection with my appointment as an Ambassador in the Breyers Blogger Program. Visit www.facebook.com/breyers to join the conversation.

*All prizes have been provided by Breyers. They will send the $25 Target gift card directly to the grand prize winner. I will mail the coupons (also provided by Breyers) to all four winners.

8/29/13 Update: Winners have been chosen by a random number generator! Grand Prize Winner of $25 Target gift card and coupon for free Breyers ice cream: Susan Christy – there is NO SHAME in saving dishes! Three Runner Up winners (who win a coupon for free Breyers ice cream): Sara Harrison (your ice cream concoction sounds amazingly delicious), Katy Rotman (I think milkshakes will have to be my next contest question. YUM) and Jen (naughty little minx). My special extra winner from Facebook is: Chuck Kampschoer. I will be emailing the winners directly to let them know that they won. Thank you everyone for playing!

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37 thoughts on “End of Summer Giveaway: $25 Target Gift Card & FREE Ice Cream!”

  1. Pretty much, I’ll take ice cream however it’s offered. But my FAV-O-RITE is when you let it sit in a bowl til it gets soft and then stir it up. Mmmmmmmm 🙂

  2. Well since I technically stopped eating dairy….I sneak ice cream but my favorite way is to wait tell all 3 kids are asleep find my hidden chocolate chip cookie dough in the freezer behind the corn and under the waffles and eat it in silence to be sure no one is coming to find my dairy secret lol…so yummy!

  3. My ice cream preferences depend on circumstance. From home, if I’m eating some Breyer’s heath blast, for example, I scoop several portions into a bowl and devour it while watching TV. If I’m doing the ice cream store thing, I prefer my soft serve in a cone… Or you know. Blended up with candy pieces and whatnot. Darn. Now I really want ice cream! Gah! It’s 9:30 am!

  4. I like my ice cream in a bowl. My favorite would be a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of coconut with whipped cream on top!

  5. It all depends on where I am and my mood but a FEW favorites are: drowned in hot fudge or chocolate syrup, blended into a milkshake but then once mixed put it back in the freezer for about 15 minutes to partially refreeze then drink, made into a banana split, or on top of a warm brownie.

  6. I live alone, so sadly, I usually eat it straight from the carton. But once in a while I will use a bowl. 🙂

  7. I like the best of both worlds: In a bowl, with a cone on top! I love any variation of chocolate with a drizzle of microwaved peanut butter . . . and maybe an Oreo or two crunched up for good measure. Who am I kidding with “maybe an Oreo or two?” Always three!

  8. I love ice cream! My favorite is root beer floats but its also great in a bowl with or without hot fudge! 😉 sooooo good

  9. Ice cream. Mmmmm…. my favorite way to eat it is slightly softened in a coffee cup with warm peanut butter poured over the top. Good stuff!!!

  10. I like butter pecan ice cream with a drizzle of salted caramel on top and a few crushed cashews…oh myyyyy!

  11. My favorite way of eating any type of ice cream is by scooping it with mini pretzels as my spoon.They MUST be the mini pretzels as they have just the right amount of pretzel to ice cream ratio. Though with the fall season right around the corner I CANNOT WAIT for my favorite flavor of all time…pumpkin, with mini graham crackers (especially Teddy Grahams) as my “spoon”!!!! YUMMY!!!!!!

  12. I like it when it is rock hard! There was no better way to write that I apologize. I prefer Mint Choc Chip or Neapolitan! YUM!

  13. Is there a wrong way to eat ice cream? I think not! I like mine in a BIG cup with a handle (like a coffee cup, don’t forget the BIG part), and super cold. I like the melty bits at the bottom, too. My favorite ice cream creation ever is a hot fudge sundae. Good vanilla ice cream, what others apparently consdier “too much” hot fudge (I’ve had those people checked and somehow they came out “not crazy” for saying there is such a thing as too much hot fudge… maybe I should have them retested…), peanuts or almonds, and a cherry. Oh, ice cream, how I love thee.

  14. I love ice cream any way I can get it!!! It’s usually just in a bowl if I’m home, but my favorite way is on top of a warm brownie… Drooooollllllllll 🙂

  15. My favorite way to eat ice cream is next to something warm.. Like a freshly made strawberry shortcake with the homemade biscuit 🙂 or apple pie, pumpkin pie, bananas foster, etc…

  16. One scoop of vanilla with peanuts and hot fudge. Y’all realize that “scoop” is a relative term and may be as small as a tablespoon or as large as a pint if the proper utensil is used. So a scoop of vanilla two soup labels of fudge and a half pound of peanuts will cure almost any depressive, dark mood or can be shared between two (but not in bed)).

  17. Warm a brownie in the microwave for about 20 seconds, cover with mint chocolate chip ice cream and a drizzle of hot fudge and enjoy! Heaven!

  18. Ice Cream, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…I love thee to the depths of the container and the height of a triple stack cone.
    Seriously, I love ice cream in almost all ways! My favorite go to is chocolate with heath pieces when out or Fish Food at home. 🙂

  19. I make “ice cream cake” out of ice cream sandwiches. One box of 12 ice cream sandwiches unwrapped almost perfectly fit in a 9×13 casserole dish (or, if you’re me, you use a disposable aluminum pan for easy clean up). So you line the casserole dish with the unwrapped ice cream sandwiches, the top with Ready Whip and all of your favorite topppings! You can serve immediately, or freeze over night… Tastes just like “Carvel” ice cream cakes and soooo easy!

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