Escape from Ugly Mom Island

About a year or so ago, I somehow stumbled onto a blog called “My Year of Fabulous” and was instantly hooked. The premise was that Holly was sick of wearing ‘mom jeans’ and decided to dress in a different style each month to find which one worked best for her. Styles ranged from mod to rock and roll… and within about an hour I had stalked through every single blog post she had written and was salivating for more. Holly is super funny, relatable and not afraid to take ridiculous pictures – we were obviously meant to be friends!

So, obviously when I met her in person at BlogHer last summer I kind of stuck to her like glue. Which probably explains why she finally had enough and attacked me with a large spoon…

holly and me 1

Just, kidding. It was a mutual LOVE YOU kind of thing.
With large spoon props.

Anyways, Holly just came out with a book based on her year of fabulous, “Escape from Ugly Mom Island!” I was super excited to be one of the first people to read it and was honored to provide a little blurb for the beginning of it too! It’s available on for both your kindle and in paperback form. You can even do a little pre-reading and check out all of Holly’s Year of Fabulous posts under the “Fashion” tab of her new blog, Riot Ranch.

Because I love to support my friends and I want to celebrate Holly being so awesome, I’m giving away a copy of her book to one of you. Look, even Ollie is totally into it:

book 1

It’s super easy to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: This post is not a sponsored post. I’m just super excited for Holly and asked her if I could give away a copy of her book on my blog. She provided the book for one of you all to win!

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7 thoughts on “Escape from Ugly Mom Island”

  1. Thanks soooooooo much, Joules!!!!! I feel the same way about you. That’s the amazing thing about blogging. You think it’s this tough world out there on the internet and then instead you get this blessing of meeting amazing people. And then, even better, you become friends — and you never ever would have met otherwise!

  2. Is comfortable a style? I don’t know what would look best on me, maybe I need to try different styles out too. I know who’s blog I’ll be stalking soon. 🙂

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