Exciting News!

Guess what guys – I have some super fabulous, awesome and exciting news to share with you!

And no, I’m not pregnant. For some reason once you’re married and a certain age if you say “exciting news” people tend to immediately stare at your stomach to see if you’re full of baby. No.

While my news doesn’t involve a baby, it DOES involve something pretty darn sweet…

Guess who is a Breyers® blogger ambassador for the Breyers Delicious Moments Campaign?


I was a little scared of taking the step, but this opportunity is such a great fit with me and Pocketful of Joules that I just couldn’t say no. I mean, ICE CREAM and life’s DELICIOUS MOMENTS? They could have just named it the Pocketful of Joules Ambassador campaign!

Don’t worry though, my blog isn’t about to suddenly become ‘all ice cream, all the time’ even though with a 92 degree day like today, that sounds pretty great. It will still be all the Pocketful of Joules goodness that you’ve come to know and love (I hope. You love me, right?). I’ll just be posting once a month about my own delicious moments in life, as well as sharing a few yummy recipes.

So pretty much no change, right?

Oh yeah… and I’ll be having a few giveaways for YOU!

You know how much I love giving things away? Well, it’s even better when I don’t have to pay for the stuff myself. So, let’s give a great big YEAAAAHAWWW for that.

I’ll be posting my very first post next week with my bucket list for summer, but I just couldn’t wait another moment to share my good news. So THANK YOU for being so supportive and I can’t wait to start this fun journey!

P.S.You will see this at the bottom of my special ambassador posts: This post was created in connection with my appointment as an Ambassador in the Breyers Blogger Program. Visit www.facebook.com/breyers to join the conversation.

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