Fall Family Photo Fun

A few weeks ago, someone on my local Facebook page asked about doing a fall session with a local photographer. By time I saw the post, there were already a dozen recommendations for reasonably priced photographers having special fall mini sessions, so I wrote down a list of names and did a little googling for myself. We haven’t had a professional photography session since Jack was 2 years old and I thought it would be a great opportunity for some new photos!

Of course, upon typing this I realized we actually DID take pictures with my friend when she got a new camera a couple years ago. And I even wrote about it and shared photos on my blog. I guess my only excuse is that a ‘professional photographer session’ with a person you don’t know seems a lot scarier than a session with your bestie. We all have some not-so-great angles, so it seems extra horrifying to pay someone to take photos of you where you’re fixated on all your flaws.

So, it was with baited breath that I opened the photos link when the photographer sent it over a week after our session. And yes, there were some photos that I picked apart because I felt they highlighted my flaws (just mine, everyone else obviously looks perfect all the time).

But there were also some that I loved – silly photos that captured our family being goofy. And one with Jack making the most ridiculous face (he says it is only for sharing with family). Jack got braces in August and I can’t help but thinking he is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, stuck in that magical moment between kid and pre-teen.

Here are my favorites:

Time goes by so fast! Travis and are celebrating 14 years of marriage today and Jack’s growing like a weed. I’m so happy we were able to freeze this moment.

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