Family Fun: Big Truck Day

Over the weekend, we decided to brave the rainy weather and take a little family outing to Baltimore for Big Truck Day. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might remember that Jack and I went for our first time a couple years ago (Big Truck Day: AKA, the Best Day of Jack’s Life).

Basically, Big Truck Day is an annual event at the Museum of Industry in Baltimore City where a ton of fire trucks, tow trucks, trash trucks and tractors open their doors. All the kids are allowed to get in the trucks, play in the back of them, push their buttons and BEEP THE HORNS. Basically, it’s the most amazing thing ever for kids who like trucks.

And it’s free, so even if we only stayed for a little while and then immediately went to lunch it would have been worth it.

As it was, even though the sky was gray and icky all day, we didn’t get rained on and had a ton of fun.

Big Truck Day 5

Big Truck Day 4

Big Truck Day 3

Big Truck Day 1

Big Truck Day 2

Big Truck Day 6

We had a really fun time and I’m hoping we can make it again next year.

Do you have a Big Truck Day in your city?

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4 thoughts on “Family Fun: Big Truck Day”

  1. My boys would be so happy if we had a day like this. Big trucks…or any trucks, cars…are their favorite. To push all the buttons and beep the horns? They would love too!

  2. What kid wouldn’t love to get inside a gigantic truck? They’re KING of the road….for about forty five seconds anyway! Looks like your handsome lad had a great time. Great collection of pictures too.

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