Farmhouse Fresh: Trying ALL the Samples

I mentioned recently in my Empty’s post that when I went to the Farmhouse Fresh website to order a new bottle of my favorite face wash, I was intrigued by a bunch of their other projects so I purchased some deluxe samples. I figured I’d give you all an update on the winners and losers I tried out!

First up, is my hero product: Green Tea Milk Wash Cream Cleanser, $29. I bought this face wash from my esthetician in September 2022 and used it for about 18 months before the bottle was empty. I have dry skin and this cream cleanser is so light and gentle that it leaves my skin silky smooth and moisturized. I’ve tried many other face washes, but I really like this one and reordered it.

When I was placing the order, I also decided to try out one of their “Pick Your Own” deluxe sample sets. And then I added a ‘Splendor’ sampler. And then I was super close to free shipping, so I also added a ‘Smooth and Glow’ sampler. Here are all my thoughts on the samples:

For the “Pick Your Own” set – LOVE this and it’s a great value. You get a good trial size amount of each product with a few uses. Some more than others – the face cream is surprisingly dense and you just need a little of it.

Chocolate Fig Vitamin Recovery Serum – full size is $35

Chocolate Fig Vitamin Recovery Serum is full of live fruit cells (for a dewy feel), plus we added a plethora of additional vitamins C, E, and B5 (for a glowy, radiant appearance). If you have normal to dry skin, you will absolutely love this serum!

What I thought: Oh my gosh this serum smells absolutely amazing. In fact, I’d probably buy it as a perfume and I keep opening the bottle to take a sniff when I’m home throughout the day. So, so good. I also really like this one on my face – it’s silky smooth to put on, soaks in pretty quickly and I feel incredibly moisturized afterwards. This one is totally a contender.

Eternal Light Vitamin Enhanced Illuminating Serum – full size is $59

This powerful multipurpose serum works around the clock, releasing 24-hours of brightening peptidal waves® for a more radiant look. This gentle aloe-based formula also includes a host of ingredients that bring a soothed look to skin, including a full alphabet of Hall of Fame vitamins E, A, B and C.

What I thought: I also really like this serum, although I don’t sniff it throughout the day. It goes on nice and smooth, soaks in well and I look soft and glowy in the morning. I didn’t see any overall brightening effects for dark spots, but that may be more of a ‘long term use’ thing. This one is also high up on my list as a contender to purchase a full size bottle.

Full Moon Dip Iridescent Illumination Ageless Mousse – full size is $49

A light-as-air peptide whip is a daily moisturizer that melts into skin, leaving a natural mineral iridescence. The subtle healthy glow makes you look beautiful, catching light & compliments at every turn! Apply a thin layer. Use as an all-over daily moisturizer! Under makeup it brings a beautiful, youthful glow. Tap onto cheekbones and brow bones over your makeup for extra illumination!

I got confused on this one – I thought it was a night cream since it has retinol but apparently, you’re supposed to use it in the daytime for a shimmer glow. With that being said, I hate it! It was SUPER sparkly and I felt like a disco ball. Thankfully, I was just going to bed so my husband was the only one who saw my club kid/angel look. Will not be purchasing this mousse.

Ok, some quick thoughts on the sample sets. Each little pouch basically had enough for one or two tries of each item. I do think it was worth paying $6 because you get a promo code for $10 off a full-sized item.

Splendor Sample set – $6

Quick thoughts:

  • Three Milk Whipfoliant Ageless Cleanser – liked the cleanser, but not as much as the one I already use.
  • Firm-Tastic Eyes Intensive Concentrate – also liked this eye cream, but I recently bought one that I’m happy with and have a full bottle.
  • Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer – this one was a surprise because I really loved it! I usually use a different daily moisturizer, but I liked this one so much that I think I might purchase another “Pick Your Own” set with this so I can try it for a week or so.
  • Golden Moon Dip Illumination Mousse – hated it. Way too sparkly.

Smooth & Glow Sample set – $6

Quick thoughts:

  • Green Tea Milk Wash – Own it. Love it.
  • C of Change Clinical Peel Pads: These cleansing pads weren’t even on my radar, but it came in the sample set. I absolutely LOVED the sample. My skin felt super clean and soft and exfoliated. I’m planning to try these again in a “Pick Your Own” set so I can decide if these will replace my current exfoliator.
  • Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer – as I mentioned, I love this one and want to try it some more before I decide to replace my current moisturizer.
  • Full Moon Dip Illumination Mousse – hated it. Way too sparkly.

Bonus samples: They also sent me a couple random samples in my order, so here are those quick thoughts too.

  • Front Porch Punch Shea Butter: Did not like the scent.
  • Watercress Hydration Cascade Gelee Moisturizer: Went on very thick and sticky. I felt like I covered my face in glue before bedtime. Hated it.

There you have it, I feel like I tried ALL the products, but honestly there are a ton more on the website. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer, the C of Change Clinical Peel Pads and the two serums. I ordered another “Pick Your Own” set to give them each a longer try before I commit to a full-sized purchase. I also received a promo code for a free 3-piece sampler of my choice (but not the Pick Your Own) when I spend $40… so I ordered the Fast Fix Sampler and the Quick Recovery Sampler, which both have some really fun masks to try. Perhaps I need to do another follow up post…

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