My Vintage Coach Bag Spiral

I recently fell into a vintage Coach bag spiral. I’m not typically a big ‘designer brand name’ kind of girl, however I had admired another online friend’s vintage Coach bag collection for a while. In the summer, I like to use cross-body bags so I can be hands-free and also not lug around a huge shoulder bag full of stuff on hot and sticky days. I have a couple in rotation from Rough + Tumble, but I wanted something a little more classic looking. I especially like the turn-key closure on the vintage Coach bags… so that was my jumping off point.

Anyways, I’ve had vintage leather Coach bags on my thrifting list for awhile and kept coming up empty. Which brings me to my spiral – as I started checking Poshmark, narrowing down the styles I liked best and further narrowing it down based on resale pricing.

And now I’m the owner of two beautiful vintage Coach bags…

Bag #1: The Watson

Okay, I went into it wanting a brown bag, but this little black beauty was exactly what I was looking for. The Watson bag was a style introduced in 1989, which feel kind of weird that I’m older than a ‘vintage’ Coach bag. I guess I am also vintage at this point.

I really like that it is unlined and just has a really nice, thick leather throughout the bag. It was in fantastic condition — it looks like there are a couple scratches on the photo above, but in person it looks unscratched. I feel like this will be a perfect ‘everyday’ bag for summer time and the price was less than $100, so I won’t feel guilty using the heck out of it and not treating it too gently.

Bag #2: The Legacy Mini Saddle Bag

This one also caught my eye, but I was afraid it might be a little too small. It’s the Legacy Mini Saddle Bag, which was a style that was introduced in 1973. It’s a little smaller than the Watson, but I loved the color and the little buckles on the straps. The price was also excellent on this one – while lots of sellers have it listed for well over $100, I ended up getting this one for just $40. Score! As it turns out, the size is actually great and it fits my iphone as well as a small slider wallet, chapstick and keys.

All in all, I’m pretty darn happy with my vintage Coach finds. Secondhand AND vintage? Yes, please!

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One thought on “My Vintage Coach Bag Spiral”

  1. Oh, these are great! I have a thing for bags, purses, whatever the name. I love the black one, but the legend is really my type. I have a small casual phone bag that is a crossbody. I use it on hikes with my hubby and dog. But, sometimes you want something a little nicer, and these fit the bill. Really nice! Congrats.

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