February 2022 Thrift Haul

Wow, February blew by! Part of it was that we were on vacation for a week, so there was a flurry of activity leading up to our vacation and then more busyness when we returned home. I did have the chance to stop by some thrift stores and consignment stores with my friend earlier in the month, which is where I found these three scores!

Pilcro and the Letterpress denim jacket, $25

Yes, it’s ANOTHER denim jacket. But I keep making craft projects out of them, so when I see a well-fitting jacket in a great denim wash I feel the need to add it to my collection. I picked this one up at a consignment store and the brand is from Anthropologie. I hopped over to their website and an almost identical Pilcro and the Letterpress denim jacket is currently selling for $148.

As of now, I’m undecided on whether I will embellish the jacket in any way. I do have an idea about a subtle embroidery thread rainbow… but for now I’m leaving it be while I let the thought marinate in my brain.

Eileen Fisher green sweater, $25

I love my Eileen Fisher sweaters, so when I saw this one in this incredible mossy green color I snapped it up. It’s a bit oversized – as Eileen Fisher typically tends to be – so when I wore it to work I gave it a little front-tuck to give it some shape.

It also looks pretty cute as a tunic-like top, so I may do that next time. I own nothing else in this color green, but I really like it!

Athleta Women’s Purana wrap, $17

Source: Athleta.com

Here is the stock photo from Athleta because when you try to photograph it in person it looks like a big blob of fabric. I found the Purana wrap at a different consignment store and it was a size XL… so it’s A LOT of fabric.

However, it’s this incredibly super soft sweatshirt-like material and I’ve been wearing it non-stop as a topper with my pajamas before bed and also with my joggers on my telework days. When it’s open, it looks like an open cardigan. But then there are these hidden little magnets in the fabric that you use to make it wrap in the front. Also, THUMB HOLES!

They are still selling this style in a bunch of different colors on the Athleta website for $98, so I’m very happy with my $17 version.

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