Foodie Fun: Hole in the Wall Box

It’s raining subscription boxes here this month and I have another fun box to share with you!

The Hole in the Wall box is a great way to explore what makes a city truly special, without leaving your home. They put together an amazing box full of unique goodies form mom and pop shops, delicacies from local farmers markets and gourmet treats from hole-in-the-wall restaurants. They are very passionate about working with small, local businesses and ONLY feature items from stores that embody the local spirit – not just any item that you can find in a supermarket. You can find their mission page here.

Every two months they feature a different city and I was able to experience their Seattle, WA box.

Here’s what they say about this month’s box:
Seattle is a city of many neighborhoods: Eclectic, urban, outdoorsy, artsy, gritty, down-to-earth, or posh—it’s all here, from the quirky character of the Seattle Waterfront and the eccentric “Republic of Fremont,” to hipsters walking baby carriages past aging mansions on Capitol Hill. There’s something for just about everyone within this vibrant Emerald City. Taking a stroll, browsing a bookstore, or enjoying a cup of coffee can feel different in every one of Seattle’s neighborhoods. It’s the adventure of exploring that will really introduce you to the character of Seattle

Hole in the Wall Review - Pocketful of Joules

Here’s what was in my Seattle Hole in the Wall Box:

Hole in the Wall Review 2 - Pocketful of Joules

  • Orange Honey Hazelnut – $5.99
  • Dried Bosc Pears – $2.99
  • Healing Hemp Lotion – $8.00
  • Seattle Salt – $7.00
  • Whiskey-Smoked Salt Caramels – $10.00
  • Pinot Noir Cherries – $3.99
  • Boehm’s Chocolate Bars – $2.95
  • Vanilla Lemon Lip Balm – $2.99

The total value of this month’s box according to their provided product list was: $43.91.

My favorite items – chosen by how quickly they were eaten – were the pino noir cherries and the whiskey-smoked salt caramels. Both were AMAZING and I didn’t even share them with Travis or Jack. Sorry guys! I also really enjoy the Seattle salt and recently used it to flavor some sautéed spinach, which was pretty great. I mean, as great as sautéed spinach can be… nothing like those caramels!

Costs to subscribe:
You can purchase one box for $35 (+ shipping), 3 boxes for $32.50 each (+ shipping) or 6 boxes for $30 each (+ shipping). They are a bi-monthly subscription box, so you will only receive one box every other month. Hole in the Wall has provided us with a promo code for 10% off: HOLEINWALLFAV so if you want to try them out, you can save a little cash!

What do you think about the Seattle Hole in the Wall box?


Disclosure: I received the February Hole in the Wall box for free for review purposes. If you decide to use the promo code for 10% off, there is no benefit to me.

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4 thoughts on “Foodie Fun: Hole in the Wall Box”

  1. I love food. This is a neat way to try foods you normally wouldn’t think to try (or aren’t available in your area). I like that they support small, locally-owned business, though. That’s close to my heart because I married one 🙂

    I keep seeing ads on Facebook for another service called Taste the World that sounds pretty neat but I’ve yet to try it.

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