Fun Fall Swap: The Reveal

If you’ve been following along, I decided to have a Fun Fall Swap with some of my fellow bloggers. I randomly matched up interested bloggers and everyone surprised each other with cool fall-themed gifts. You know me… I’ll take ANY reason for a present!

Columbus Day? PRESENTS!
Daylights Savings Time? PRESENTS
The day after Halloween? PRESENTS (also known as, Eat all the Leftover Candy Day…)

Anyways, now that all the gifts have been swapped, it’s time to reveal the swappers!

So, did anyone guess correctly?

From the posts, it seems like most of the bloggers had a great time with the swap. So it shouldn’t be to anyone’s surprise that I’m thinking of doing another one with a Winter theme!

Obviously the details are not ironed out yet, but I’m leaning towards AFTER the holidays during that in-between time of no holidays and lots of cold – like late January or February. If you’re a blogger who would like to participate, just shoot me off an email at and I’ll keep you posted!

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4 thoughts on “Fun Fall Swap: The Reveal”

  1. I guessed wrong twice before getting the correct answer. My Brain On Kids, thanks again for my box of magic! Sorry, Kid… I wish I was more creative and had sent you a more brilliant package! I’m totally going to play again, Joules. Bring it!

    1. When you guessed me since it came from TX and I knew it wasn’t I knew it was My Brain!
      I am totally surprised that I guessed right…I admit I did do alittle deductive reasoning…checked out some recent tweets…and then just gave up and guessed. LOL.
      This was a lot of fun Joules. I would definitely be interested in a Winter themed swap …how about “gifts gone awry” or something?? lol..
      I know I won’t be able to be all crafty with my new job but I am still definitely thinking it sounds like fun!

  2. Thanks for letting me play! It was so fun to get to know a bunch of other bloggers through the swap! I was super stoked that I guessed right, too! Chewy ROCKS!

    Reading all of the posts were great too; everyone was super creative with their responses! Good stuff, Joules, good stuff.

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