Feeling a little Elfish

It’s the beginning of November and I’m feeling the Christmas spirit.

I know, I know. What the heck Joules, can’t you just enjoy the fact that it’s November and look forward to Thanksgiving?!

Oh wait, is it not appropriate to wear this to work this week?

Apparently I cannot.

Actually, scratch that. I AM looking forward to my sisters coming home from college for Thanksgiving break so that they can hang out. Oh, and having the family over to my house for dinner is one the best things about Thanksgiving.

The thing is, I’m usually the sort of gal that gets annoyed that Christmas decorations go up at the store as soon as the Halloween stuff gets marked down to 70% off. And it has ALWAYS been a set rule that Christmas music is not allowed until the day after Thanksgiving.*

So what the heck has gotten into me?

Why was I singing along with the Christmas music when I stopped into Old Navy over the weekend?

Why did I already search out some adorable hand knitted stockings for our mantle and then immediately find an online tutorial for making them from thrifted sweaters?

After years and years of buying and decorating our Christmas tree the first or second week of December, why on earth am I thinking about doing it the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving??

I don’t know folks. Maybe I’m getting a little weird in my advanced years.

Or maybe I’m just so freaking excited to introduce my son to my favorite holiday that I simply cannot wait any longer.

It’s probably one or the other. Or maybe a little bit of both.

How about  you – when do you think is the appropriate time to bust out the Christmas decorations while singing carols at the top of your lungs?

* For me, I mean. I listen to it on my car radio (and at work) 24/7 from Black Friday until Christmas Day. My husband on the other hand, HATES Christmas music with a passion and will usually change the station the second that the merriness hits his ears.

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4 thoughts on “Feeling a little Elfish”

  1. First, you look FIERCE in that elf hat. Second, I love Christmas so much I would seriously consider putting up trees pre-Thanksgiving. Of course, I DO have 4 trees to put up… Crazy Christmas Lady!

    1. Why thank you girlie! The pic was from a couple years ago at a volunteer event. =) FOUR tree sounds incredible — like Christmas has come to every room of your house!

      1. Yes! They’re all themed too! One is the “fancy” tree which is all done up in green and gold. One is the Coca-Cola tree because Hubs collects Coke stuff. One is MINE and that’s the PENGUIN TREE. All Penguins, all the time. Then there’s the “pop culture” tree with all the superhero and cartoon and weirdo ornaments. That’s where my Alice in Wonderland stuff ends up. It’s good times. I’ll do a blog post on it this year, fo sho.

  2. We are obviously sisters from another mother — my tree is Wizard of Oz themed! I’ve been collecting the Hallmark Wizard of Oz decorations every year since I was a little girl. I also have a bright red star and red glittery ribbon to wrap around the tree (like the ruby slippers). The first year my husband (then boyfriend) saw it, he just looked at it and then quietly said, “Wow, that’s really girly…”

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