Work Shower Shakedowns: Get Your Hands out of My Wallet!

Warning: I’m going to vent a bit

One of my biggest work-related pet peeves is when I get solicited at the office. Not by skanky prostitutes trying to rock my word, but by those money hungry shower planners.

I swear, it must be at least three times a month that I get the same email asking me to pitch in for so-and-so’s wedding shower, baby shower, retirement party, vasectomy shower, or whatever.

I’m not a stingy person, I swear. I’m one of those people who truly do enjoy celebrating milestones with my friends & family by showing up at their showers and bringing a super cute gift with me. What I don’t like is when I’m asked to purchase a gift for someone that I’m not even friends with.

Years ago, when I was trying so hard to be Miss SuperNice, I would try and give money for every single shower.  For those in the know, this buys you the opportunity to sign the card and take 5 minutes out of your workday to eat cake and stare at the person while they open their gifts.

Well, at a company with over 100 employees (all of which seem to have something to celebrate) this really empties your pockets fast.  So, then I tried to cut back to just the people that I actually spoke to on a weekly basis. Finally, I weaned myself down to only participating if I actually consider the person my friend.

You would think that I tried to smack someone’s puppy. When I first started ignoring the emails, I think they got angry and multiplied. I’d get the follow up emails asking if I had contributed yet, or reminding me that they were going shopping soon and needed all the money by the next day. Usually, I felt guilty enough to find some money to add, but finally I just said that I was tapped out and couldn’t contribute.

Does this make me a bad guy? I don’t really care anymore.

Frankly, I wish that there were no work showers at all. I know that seems kind of grinchy of me, but I feel like it’s just a popularity contest to see how many people like you enough to cough up some dough. If I like someone and consider them a friend, instead of participating in a crappy work shower, I’d rather pick out my own gift and give it them on my own.

I know I’m not the only person who feels this way, right?

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One thought on “Work Shower Shakedowns: Get Your Hands out of My Wallet!”

  1. J – I totally get it. At work we have a coffee and flower fund where everyone (most) contribute $5/month to. Money comes out of this fund for monthly birthday cakes, flowers (to those who’s family has passed away, etc.). You get the idea. Maybe that’s an idea you can implement at the office – a standing bank account for gifts for all the special occassions we all have. Good luck!

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