Girl’s Weekend Antiquing & Secondhand Shopping Adventure

At the end of January, I had a much-needed girl’s weekend with my friend Lindsey where we wandered around to a bunch of shops touching everything. There were consignment shops and antique stores and more consignment shops. And yummy food. And girlie movies. And face masks. And coffee. It was basically everything I needed for a mental reset.

And OF COURSE I found some awesome stuff on our travels, so let’s check it all out!

Let’s start with Clothing:

Tahari dolman sleeve top, $18

This t-shirt is soft, comfortable and flattering. This is one of those easy flowy tops that I like to pair with leggings on my telework days or throw on with a pair of jean shorts in the summer.

Lou & Grey Cardigan, $20 and Chicos Cardigan, $18

I wear cardigans pretty much year-round, and most of the time I’m able to keep them looking nice with a little sweater shaving every so often. Over the past few months though, I’ve donated a few of my casual cardigans so when I saw these two in new condition, I figured it was a no brainer to add them to my closet. Both brands are typically nicely made, so these should last through a few dozen loads of laundry.

Athleta ‘With Ease’ Top, $6

I have no idea why this top had a clearance tag on it at the consignment shop, because it’s pretty much a brand new Athleta top that is still being sold in stores for $59 (the inside tag shows it was released in stores in 7/23). I hadn’t tried the style before, but I had no idea what I was missing because it is soooo soft and super flowy and flattering. I was originally planning to wear this to bed, but now that I’ve washed it and tried it on, it’s going into heavy rotation for my telework days paired with joggers.

Smartwool Intraknit Merino 200 Crew Base Layer, $15

While I wasn’t specifically looking for a fitted base layer, Smartwool is a great brand and this was cute and my size. Smartwool’s Intraknit pieces run around $130 each, so for $15 it made sense to pick this up and keep it for when I need it. While I don’t have any skiing plans right now, it will be great to have the next time I need to snowsuit up!

Clothing total: I feel like I went a little crazy on clothing with purchasing 5 pieces. However, my clothing total was $77… which worked out to just over $15 per item.

Moving on to the antiques!

Jadeite hand, $18

There was a jadeite grouping on an antique store’s bookshelf and I immediately grabbed this fabulous ring holder. It has the mid-century vibes that I love and was in perfect condition – and it looks super adorable holding my rings. Fun fact: my kid now refers to it as the alien hand.

Vintage Pink Homespun Depression Glass Tumblers, $8 for 3

Google images is telling me that these are vintage Jeanette Depression Glass tumblers, but I don’t see the ‘J’ mark, so I’m not sure. I love the pretty pink tint though and the price was great. I only wanted 2 of them, so I gave the third to my friend to enjoy.

Pottery mug, $7.50

 I love handmade pottery and this cute cup fit perfectly in my hand. It has been added to my coffee cup rotation.

Sargent & Co Carpenters Level, $18

There were two of these antique levels and I ended up with one and Lindsey bought the other. This one is from Sargent & Company, which was formed in 1858 when three Sargent brothers combined their businesses. It looks like they stopped making hand tools in the 1960’s, when they focused more on locks and builder’s hardware. This level is just really cool and I love the look of it on my bookshelf. Also, I know my dad is going to love it and I’ll have to keep an eye on him the next time he’s over my house!

Fulton Woodworkers Marking Gauge, $9

I just thought this vintage woodworking tool was really cool. I already had the level in my hands, so this naturally needed to come home with me too.

Blue Jay by Elizabeth Paxton Oliver, $80

Out of all the treasures we found, this is my absolute favorite! It was hanging on the wall at a consignment/antique store that we love and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I left it to look around some more and just had to return to it again. I did a quick Google Image search while I was in the store to make sure it wasn’t overpriced, but found the same print had sold online for $300.

After doing a little more research at home, I found that the artist, Elizabeth Paxton Oliver, lived from 1891-1977 and was an absolute pioneer of the time. Due to the bias against women artists, she used her initials to conceal her gender (it is signed E. Paxton Oliver). I love it so much and I’m thinking I’m going to hang it on an empty wall in our bedroom. I need to live with it a bit first and walk around different rooms of my house to make sure that’s the best place before I commit.

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