Griping about Comcast

So I had a bit of an issue with Comcast over the past few days.
Hmmm… that’s kind of an understatement.

I actually wanted to grab someone through the phone and choke them while screaming at them at the top of my lungs. Or maybe use a super cool scientific booby-trapped fire extinguisher and shoot a pencil through their eye.

Yeah, I really need to work on my happy thoughts.
I think you’ll understand though after you read what I dealt with.

Jack and I returned from the beach to find that our cable and wifi were out. Travis was home but didn’t notice because he mostly watches pre-recorded shows off the Tivo. Also, he’s not really a cable/wifi/computer guy… so all that stuff comes down to me.

I drop Jack off at daycare (if I’m paying, he’s going!) and go back home to catch up on life after a week away. As one of my first chores, I call Comcast. After some unsuccessful remote troubleshooting, they decide to send a technician out to my house. They say that someone will be by between 1-5 this afternoon, which isn’t TOO bad since I have about a bazillion loads of laundry to do.

I wait.
And wait. And wait.
And wait.

Finally at 4:49 pm, I call Comcast. The representative tells me that my technician is running late and will be at my house in 10 minutes.

I wait.
And wait some more.

At around 5:30, there is no sign of my technician. And I know because I’ve literally been standing in front of the window glaring out into the driveway for HOURS. At this point, I start getting worried that by time the technician gets here he’s going to cause me to be late to daycare pick up.

I wait some more.

At this point I text my husband, who is able to get off work early to pick up Jack before daycare closes… so I can wait some more.

Finally, at 6:45 I call Comcast again. The representative tells me that I don’t have an appointment for today and that my appointment is scheduled for Wednesday morning. I explain that they are wrong and I even spoke to someone at 4:49 who said my technician was running late. After 50 more minutes on the phone, they schedule me an appointment for Saturday between 1-5. They tell me that the technician will call me 30 minutes before the appointment AND the representative promises to call as well to make sure everything is taken care of.

Let the wait begin, I put Jack down for a nap (crossing my fingers that the doorbell won’t wake him) and settle in to wait from 1-5 for today’s technician.

I wait.
And wait. And wait.
And wait.

At 4:00, I call Comcast. I tell them that I was supposed to have an appointment today and that I still have not receive any calls OR had any technicians show up on my doorstep. The representative tells me that the appointment doesn’t appear in the system, but it’s okay because she’ll put me in for this afternoon. She promises that the technician will be at my house by 6pm at the latest. I ask her if she’s sure, because I was stood up yesterday. She PROMISES emphatically that the technician WILL show up.

The technician does not show up.

I call Comcast again and explain my situation. The representative tells me that I did not have an appointment today and that my appointment is on Wednesday. I explain that I JUST spoke to someone at 4:00 who PROMISED that a technician would be at my house by 6:00 pm. The rep tells me that I’m wrong and that when I called at 4:00 it was to confirm my Wednesday appointment.

My head explodes.

I speak to her supervisor, who informs me that I never had an appointment today and that my appointment is on Wednesday.

Steam starts shooting out of my ears. I start using my angry voice. I may have repetitively yelled, “WHY do people keep LYING to me” a few times.

I speak to 5 more Comcast representatives and 2 different people in the Customer Solutions Department. I finally speak to an actual LOCAL person from Maryland who seems really nice and knowledgeable. She puts me on hold for a minute so that she can confirm something with her supervisor.

I’m on hold too long and kicked back to a brand-new representative.

At this point I want to cry.

After repeating my situation a few more times, I FINALLY get to another representative in Maryland. She is awesome and conferences in a technician to try and troubleshoot again. At the end of the call, she has an appointment scheduled for Monday morning between 8-10.

I tell her that if a technician actually shows up at my house, I will find her and give her the biggest hug in all the land. I’m not sure if this pleases her or if she is now scared of me.

I miss the Orphan Black finale that came on Saturday night and this makes me even more furious at Comcast.

I get a CONFIRMATION CALL from Comcast that my technician will be at my house tomorrow morning! I dance a little jig in the middle of the Dollar Store and my hopes get WAY up that I may finally have cable and wifi again.

A technician knocks on my door at 8:27am. It takes him less than 15 minutes to diagnose the problem (broken splitter), fix it and leave.

Less than 15 minutes. Are you frick fracking kidding me?!

Once everything is working again, I call up Comcast. I tell them that I was out of cable for 5 days and want a refund. They refund me for three days at the rate of $4.27 each day. I tell them that they also owe me $40 for standing me up twice in a row. The representative tells me that comes out of a different department and they’ll have someone call me within the next 24 hours.

I won’t hold my breath.

Okay, your turn. Tell me your terrible customer service horror stories!


PS. Before you suggest I try Fios… I’d LOVE to switch to Fios, but it is not available in my area. 

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9 thoughts on “Griping about Comcast”

  1. Hi Jules…

    I had FIOS and switched to COMCAST. They really are pretty much the same when it comes to customer service but the story you shared is one of the reasons why I quit COMCAST and stayed away for 8 years. I now have a local sales rep I can call if I need anything and he contacts COMCAST for me. My bill is much lower with Comcast ($116.00) as opposed to $152.00 with FIOS and I got free movie channels and a DVR (which I LOVE) for a year…VERIZON also makes you pay 2 months in advance and promises you they will refund the extra month when you leave – which they don’t. Yeah…not good – none of them are.

  2. Greeeeaaaaaat….we are so bummed that FIOS isnt available and that we kinda stuck with Comcast. They are more expensive and we get less AND supposedly have terrible customer service. Yippee…lol

  3. I always have a horrid time on the phone with customer service reps for internet or cellphone. It’s incredibly frustrating. I always find the actual techs who come to the house 100% easier to deal with.

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