Running with a WINNER

Have I mentioned that my sister, Katie, is a runner? Like a REAL runner? She ran for JMU and is hella fast. She is also the fraternal twin of this sister, who also runs. Yup, we’re all kind of overachievers in this family.

When we were down at the beach last week, Katie mentioned that she’d be running a 5k when we got back and asked if I wanted to come along. I had such a fun time running the Iron Girl 5k in April that I decided to dust off my neon orange leggings and do it again.

me and katie

This time, I was wearing one of my FAVORITE running shirts ever from Fellow Flowers, it says “Going for a run isn’t Mommy being selfish, it’s Mommy being AWESOME” which pretty much sums up all that mom guilt for taking time to take care of yourself.

I was also wearing a total life-changer, the Panache exercise bra (I bought mine from True&Co). Pretty much every time I’ve ever gone for a run (or any type of bounce-inducing cardio class) I’ve worn two bras to keep everything in check. A nice follower on my Instagram feed suggested I try the Panache bra and I’m not even kidding you, it is AMAZING. I tried it for the first time at the 5k on Sunday and NOTHING MOVED. So if you’re a C or larger, order one right this second and you won’t regret it.* Also, my husband says it makes me look like a superhero. So BAM! POW!

Here I am before the race starts, practicing my hard-core running face. Obviously the lady smiling in the background isn’t as intimidated as she should be.

Joules mean face

There were almost 3,000 ladies running, so the race was a bit more crowded than I would have liked. I mean, I need ROOM to whip out my flailing arms when I run/dance along to a good song. For this race, I probably listened to Come Get it Bae 5 times. No lie.

When I would feel tired and like I wanted to quit and get a snow cone, I’d think WWKD (that would be What Would Katie Do?, of course) and kick it up a notch. Because you know what Katie would do? She’d win.

And she did.

She won the whole dang race. Here she is getting her super special engraved glass bowl. Because every winner needs a glass bowl with “1st Place” etched into it. Duh.

Katie winner pic

Here are my parents with Katie, cute right? I’m not really sure why they are both wearing Orioles shirts. They like the O’s, but it’s not like they’re super hard-core fans. Also, they typically don’t dress alike. That’s kind of weird and I should talk to them about that.

mom dad katie

Anyways, I ran the race but I did not win. I woke up at 5am and ran a 5k though, so that kind of makes me a winner.

Where’s my bowl?


*You can try it on for free if you do a True&Co box try on. You can also use my special discount code for $15 off your first $50 purchase. Disclaimer: If you use my True&Co referral code to save $15 off a $50 purchase, I will receive a small referral reward. Here is my link. So thank you to anyone who chooses to click through and support my shopping addiction.

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7 thoughts on “Running with a WINNER”

  1. GO KATIE!! What was her time? Inquiring minds want to know. I run, but I don’t think I will ever win a race. I’ve seen the winners run and they’re basically roadrunners on crack.

    I’m signed up for the 10k Across the Bay in November, and I plan to run the Baltimore Half this year. Maybe I’ll get some SWEET leggings. Yours are so fun! 😀 I’m doing both of these races with my little sister, I love healthy bonding! And sister support is the bees’ knees.

    The Kane Show reported on a study that found that, regardless of your breast size, they move 8″ vertically when you do vigorous activities such as running/jogging. EEK. That’s crazy. I don’t know how the part about size not affecting this measurment is legit, but Kane said it, and he probably read it on the internet, so it must be true.

    You don’t have to answer this, becuase it might be personal, but I’m wondering what’s on Katie’s knee? It looks like something from space, but it’s probably something fancy that only super awesome runners know about.

    1. Katie’s time was 18:03. She said that she could have taken off a minute or two, but there was nobody fighting her for first place so she took it easy. And she’s wearing ice on her knee (wrapped in saran wrap to keep it there). I’m working from home today, so I totally missed my daily dose of the Kane show (he usually keeps me company on my long commutes). 8″ of shake sounds TERRIBLE though! All I know is with the Panache bra they were MUCH more comfortable!

      Good luck on your races! I usually do the Baltimore marathon 5k, so maybe I’ll see you there. =)

      1. Wow… 18:03 is taking it easy for her. Man. That’s AWESOME! That’d be fun if I see you in Baltimore 🙂 I heard it’s a fun race. I hope it’s not too crowded to where it’s hard to keep a steady pace.

  2. Hey does that sports bra have an underwire? Cause I don’t like those, but my current sports bras are meh and I’m starting to get more active.

    Joules you are the best! I have 3 sisters and love them like no others!

    1. It does have underwire, but it’s really tucked in there so I didn’t feel it at all (other than the support). True&Co has a few different sports bras on their site and you can order 5 to try on for free if you’d like… so maybe you’ll find one you like.

      And thank you! =)

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