Not that weird perfume kind of “Obsession” but something that I’m totally obsessed with. I know I owe you guys like a dozen blog posts at this point because I ran away to the beach for a week and I PROMISE that they are totally floating around in my head and the words will soon make their way to my fingers.

BUT, I just wanted to share with you TWO things that are making my heart go pitter-pat right now.

Orphan Black. If you are not watching this show, DO IT NOW! I caught up on season one online in a binge session and then watched season two as it came on TV. Well, because my cable was out this weekend I totally missed the finale, until I watched it today at lunch and OH HOLY CRAP OH MY GOD… Just watch it and thank me later.

This gold & silver necklace.  You guys. YOU GUYS. I am OBSESSED with this necklace. I first pinned it on a pinterest board for my BFF Katie. A couple weeks ago I was perusing my boards and suddenly fell in love with it again. I had some money in my paypal account, so I clickity-clicked on over to etsy to buy it. And it was sold out.

I emailed the seller that I could not live my life without this necklace and she promised that another one would be in her shop by the end of the week. And now it’s MINE, ALL MINE!! Her shop is called Devin Michales Jewelry and I’m kind of drooling over almost every single thing she has listed. I don’t know her, but if you buy anything tell her that I love her. Wait, would that we weird? Whatever, I DO love her.


Okay friends, I promise to get some REAL blog posts all up in here this week. And when I say “I promise” I’m not doing a “Comcast promise” where they say something and then pretend that they have no idea what you’re talking about. Just saying.

Oh, and I’ve been feeling a bit lonely lately so leave me a comment! Do you watch Orphan Black? Is there another show that you’re totally obsessed with? Do you want to buy EVERYTHING for sale on Etsy?


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8 thoughts on “Obsessions”

  1. LOL, OMG we’ll have complete twinsie necklaces now! The first time I wore it my husband and father both made lame jokes about me joining the military. Pfft. Boys. Don’t. Get. Fashion. I’m a few episodes behind on Orphan Black, but I’ll catch up soon!

  2. I’m obsessed with Fargo, except I can only watch it when my child is asleep or with her dad. But when she’s asleep, I’m asleep. And somehow I watch cooking competition shows when I’m home alone? I’m weird, I should totally be watching all the violent/cursing shows when she’s not home! My obsession with Fargo is mostly because I am obsessed with Martin Freeman and Sherlock.

    I need to add Orphan Black to my list.

    1. I’ll have to try Fargo, I’ve heard good things! If I want to watch a loud show while Jack is sleeping I usually use my Kindle Fire to watch Netflix… that way I can actually hear what everyone is saying!

    1. Right?! Like, do you promise or do you just Comcast promise? 😉

      Let me know what you think of Orphan Black. I totally got Katie hooked on it too!

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