Happy Friday Squirrel-Burglars!

Yup, Squirrel-Burglars. It’s a thing now.

Speaking of random crap I make up to make myself laugh, did you know you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter? Yup, that’s right and I totally just passed 300 “likes” on my Pocketful of Joules Facebook page, so I’m obviously a rock star.

On that note, I’m counting down the MINUTES until this weekend starts for two reasons:

#1. Tonight is date night and I have a sassy pair of leopard print heels that I think my husband is going to drool over.

#2. I’m so freaking excited to sleep in tomorrow. It’s like when you’re looking forward to a special homecoming dance or something as a high schooler, but in my case I just really want to put on my pj pants and bury myself in a mountain of covers.

How about you, what are your weekend plans?

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5 thoughts on “Happy Friday Squirrel-Burglars!”

  1. Getting my drink on tonight with old friends. Tomorrow I’m running, then going to a memorial service for a friend who passed, then spending the evening again with those old friends. Running on Sunday and relaxing the rest of the day!! Enjoy date night!!

  2. It’s date night in my world tonight, too. But we are double dating with some very good friends and I will be wearing my new-to-me vintage cowboy boots because A: we live in Saskatchewan and it feels like 30 below with the wind chill today and B: they are just so darn cool.
    Have fun tonight!

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