Have You Tried Jot Coffee?

Have you guys heard of Jot? I got sucked into an Instagram ad late one night, so I ended up trying it out. It’s a super concentrated coffee. You get a bottle of it and when you want to make coffee (hot or cold), you just add 1 tablespoon to water and then add in your normal ‘add ins’ to make it yummy.

The combo I purchased off the ad contained: 1 ultra coffee – dark, 1 ultra coffee- original, and 1 12 oz tumbler for a total of $36. Each bottle makes 14 cups of coffee, since you truly only need one tablespoon. It’s actually kind of magical how concentrated the coffee liquid is! You can find the Jot website here: https://jot.co/

And here is what I received:

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve tried Jot both hot and cold. For my cold Jot recipe, I start with a cup of cold water (probably about 8 ounces or so), add in 1 tablespoon of Jot and then add 1 tablespoon of creamer, a little sugar and some ice cubes. I really like this mix and it is good for a nice afternoon coffee break. However, I’m more of a cold coffee drinker in the summer… so with it being November it’s throwing me off a bit.

I’ve also tried Jot hot. I used about 8 ounces of hot water, 1 tablespoon of Jot, 1 tablespoon of creamer and a little sugar. This one is fine, but I like my normal hot coffee better (I’m a Dunkin Donuts Vanilla coffee kinda girl).

So, with that being said I do agree:

  1. Jot is super easy and convenient.
  2. Jot is tasty.
  3. I really like Jot as a cold coffee drink.

Also, I really like the cup they sent! I guess my feelings are that a Jot subscription doesn’t fit my life in the fall or winter, but would probably be a fantastic fit for the summer to help limit my cold coffee purchases.

Since it is a subscription and not a one time purchase, I did have to go in and cancel my subscription before they sent me another two bottles. They made it super easy though. Once you log in there is a cancel button option and you are good to go. I may give it another try next summer!

Have you tried Jot? Do you have a favorite recipe I should try out?

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3 thoughts on “Have You Tried Jot Coffee?”

  1. I have heard about this, and thought it was like Red Bull. Probably the name for some reason, sounds like it could make you hyper. Jot! Hot! But, again I am wrong.

    I like my Keurig machine. I make all sorts of coffees in that. We go to a local coffee place once a week, they have some creative blends. I love coffee. It is hard to find the perfect one, though. My sister and I disagree on Dunkin coffees. I like them, she doesn’t. Not even the yummy k cups you can get! Currently, I love the pumpkin spice. I go with the seasons.

    Have a good day!

    1. I’m drinking the Dunkin eggnog blend right now and it’s delicious! I think the name Jot is a little funny and it makes me think of Jolt… but it’s a “jot” of coffee (like a little bit, or a tad) to make it. =)

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