Our Favorite Men’s Jeans: The Perfect Jeans

I remember when Travis and I first started dating and we had a wedding to attend… and he had literally NOTHING in his closet other than ill-fitting jeans. No dress pants. No khakis. Nothing but jeans, cargo shorts and gym shorts. So, like many spouses I somehow found myself the main purchaser of clothing for everyone in the house.

Over the years, his daytime wardrobe has become Dickie’s pants, high visibility shirts and steel toed boots for his job. However, his non-work attire has slowly moved from icky looking baggy jeans and car t-shirts to much better fitting jeans and t-shirts that actually fit his torso. Thanks to my mom’s annual Christmas gifts, he also has a pretty great collection of comfortable sweaters, flannel shirts and fleece zip-up tops. All in his ACTUAL size of XL/tall.

I can’t tell you how many shirts we have donated over the years because he has a super long torso and when he raised his arms, he would get the ‘Pooh Bear Effect’ of his tummy making an appearance!

Which brings us to jeans. A few years ago, we did some jeans shopping and picked him up a pair of Banana Republic jeans and pair of Lucky Brand jeans. Actually, now that I remember properly that was a mandatory shopping trip because we were about to leave on a cruise and he couldn’t find ANY pairs of jeans in the house. Those jeans served him well and basically were worn for every non-work occasion. So, they were starting to get very worn out. Also, they may have shrunk a little over the years because the waist was not quite as comfortable. {wink}

When I recently did my own closet purge, I encouraged Travis to also go through his entire wardrobe and try things on. Which is when we realized he had ZERO pairs of jeans that both looked nice AND fit comfortably.

He HATES having to go shopping in stores, so I did a little googling to figure out the best and most comfortable men’s jeans out there… and found The Perfect Jeans.

Literally, that’s the name of the company: https://theperfectjean.nyc/

Their tagline is F#%K YOUR KHAKIS and their mission is to provide reasonably-priced stretch jeans that they could comfortably wear all day long. Including lounging on the couch, squatting at the gym, and doing yoga poses without “crushing your nuts.”

I mean, I don’t have any nuts… so I’m inclined to believe them that it’s an issue to be dealt with.

I showed Travis the website and his response was basically, “yeah, go ahead and order them, but they’re kind of expensive” to which I laughed and laughed because he has no idea how much my jeans cost. But anyways…

They have three styles of jeans: skinny, slim and athletic. They also have 10 different washes from white to black and all the blues in between. Most importantly, they have waist sizes from 26 – 50 and lengths from 26 – 36… so you can find a pair of these jeans to fit many different dude sizes.

I ordered the Athletic style in Knight, which is a dark blue as seen in the photos above (and yes, he’s pretending to pee and it makes me laugh). I ordered them in Travis’ normal size and length, as they said these jeans are true-to-size but if you are in between sizes you should size down because they have stretch. You can read the specifics of the Athletic style here. They cost $79.99 with free shipping and free returns. (Here’s a $20 off code if you want it).

They were shipped out within a day or so and arrived at our house within a week. I hounded Travis until he tried them on and got an unenthusiastic “they’re fine” and that was about it.

BUT, then he wore them for a month. Every single time that he wasn’t in work clothes, he was wearing his Perfect Jeans. I asked him again if he liked them and he said “yeah, they’re fine.”

Proof from my sister’s baby shower. And yes, my husband is a 6’4″ giant.

BUT THEN, his Perfect Jeans were in the laundry one day when we needed to leave the house and he put on a pair of his old jeans. And immediately took them off and threw them in a corner because they were so incredibly uncomfortable.

And without me even saying a word, Travis turned to me and asked me to please order a second pair of Perfect Jeans in the exact same style and color so that he would never have to wear uncomfortable jeans again.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. However, if you use this special referral code you will get $20 off your purchase and we will get $20 off a future purchase.

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4 thoughts on “Our Favorite Men’s Jeans: The Perfect Jeans”

  1. Thanks! My husband throws his jeans in a basket, and shows no love for them. I will try these, sometime. Hopefully, I can solve this issue.

    My dad was a tall man like Travis. I always felt like I could depend on him for anything. We called him the Rock. He’s gone now, and we miss him.

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