November Thrift Haul

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend with family and all the food! This month, I had some thrifting luck where things on my watch list magically appeared. I also found some fantastic scores on Poshmark… which isn’t thrifting, but still secondhand. Let’s check them out!

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Thrift Scores:

It was 50% off day when I stopped by my favorite thrift store and I had two main things on my list – a chunky knit ‘grandpa’ cardigan and a North Face jacket/fleece for Jack.

Oatmeal cardigan, $5

When I said chunky knit grandpa cardigan, this was EXACTLY what I was imagining. It’s a now defunct brand and probably was made in the 80’s or 90’s. It is 100% cotton, a fabulous oatmeal color and has pretty tortoiseshell buttons. What more can I ask for? It was also marked at $9.99 but after the 50% off sale it was only $5.

Green cardigan, $4

After I found my perfect grandpa sweater, I kept looking with the vague feeling that I’d like something chunky and green. I found this Universal Thread cardigan in a surprisingly soft knit with interesting balloon sleeves. I’ve worn it with jeans and a t-shirt so far, but it does give off ‘Taylor Swift frolicking through a field in a dress with chunky cardigan’ vibes… so I’ll try that look soon.

Sparkly cardigan, $5

My weakness is sparkles. Obviously. So, while a black glittery thread sweater wasn’t on my thrifting list, I can think of a bunch of ways to work it into my office holiday style. And yes, I’m aware you can’t see the sparkles in the photo — but trust me that there is black metallic thread woven throughout. For $5 it was a no-brainer and you’ll be seeing it in my monthly style posts very, very soon!

Kid’s North Face Jacket, $10

I’m pretty sure I manifested this into existence. I saw a very similar North Face jacket at Nordstrom for $99 and took a photo so I could show Jack to see if he liked the style. He said he did, so I added it to my ‘look out for’ list before I went thrifting… and this was waiting for me on the kid’s rack to find. It was marked at $19.99, which is kind of nuts for thrift but on half-price day the price was just right.

Poshmark Scores:

Anthropologie Mouliette Soeurs Stars Tulle Skirt, $90

Yes, I realize this is far from thrift pricing. But let me tell you the story behind this skirt.

I actually first bought this amazing tulle and sparkly skirt from Anthropologie a few years ago, but I ended up returning it because it was *too fancy* for my life and I didn’t think I could pull it off. Well, I just re-bought it off of Poshmark because it is now the PERFECT amount of fancy for my life and heck yeah I can pull it off.

I have big plans to wear it for a work holiday luncheon AND pair it with a cute t-shirt for Harry Potter world next year. I looked EVERYWHERE for this skirt in a large (my typical size), but could only find this one in a medium that wasn’t priced at a bazillion dollars. I crossed my fingers and hit ‘buy’ and was pleasantly surprised that the waist is actually stretched out a bit and it’s too big. A few rows of stiches on my sewing machine and we are good to go!

Taos Crave Boots, $65

This buy was powered by tequila and I don’t even regret it.

Travis and I were on a weekend away at the National Harbor when I saw an Instagram ad for Taos Crave Boots. I LOVED them, but didn’t love the price of $220. So, I clicked over to Poshmark, searched for the boots in my size and found a bunch of options in the $100 – $175 range.

These boots also popped up at just $65 and Poshmark alerted me that the seller had received an offer, so I’d better move fast. Well, I did! I hit BUY immediately and a few days later realized what a fantastic buy I had made. These boots are basically perfect and some of the most comfortable I’ve ever put on my feet. So, now I’m eying a burgundy pair…

Anthropologie Metallic Dot-Print Dress, $22

Once again, Anthropologie + Sparkles is my weakness. This dress was just $22. That is my only excuse.

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