My Style: November 2021

I feel like November is when I hit my autumnal style stride. The weather gets a little cooler in Maryland, but we still may enjoy a random warm day. The trees are changing their colors and pumpkin décor has exploded. Also, the festive season (AKA MY FAVORITE) is right around the corner…

Here are my November outfits. With this layout, if you want to see any look closer just click on it and the photo will blow up larger for you:

My favorite outfit of the month was surprisingly my cranberry colored corduroys, dark floral blouse and sparkly cardigan (bottom left). I say surprisingly, because I typically feel more like *me* in skirts and dresses, but these were totally sassy-pants and put a little extra pep in my step that was much needed on the Monday after the Thanksgiving break!

I also really liked my casual jeans, sweater and scarf outfit from our weekend at the National Harbor. I recently re-found this pair of jeans when doing a closet clean-out and I’ve been wearing them a ton.

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