Walk-In Closet in Progress: A $68 Update

I shared my mostly finished walk-in closet post back in early October (Walk-In Closet In Progress: The After) and I was pretty darn happy with it!

Here’s a photo to refresh your memory:

I used the Pax system and Komplement drawers from Ikea and spent a total of $575 + tax. {If you want the full breakdown with links, it’s in the full post linked above.}

Once I added my clothing to the new organizer, I realized I had two awkward spaces.

The area on the far left could totally fit one more mesh basket. And the plain front drawer area could fit one more drawer. Ikea also had the large shelf I needed back-ordered until November… so I figured when the shelf came back in stock I’d also order the other items.

It took much longer than expected. First, one item would be available for pick up… but then the shelf would be out of stock. Then, the next day the shelf would be in stock… but the mesh drawer would be out of stock. I left everything in my online Ikea cart and would click over daily until finally over Thanksgiving weekend EVERYTHING was in stock at once!

I arranged for a grab and go pickup for Sunday, drove out to Ikea and back and immediately grabbed my tools and got to work. Since I had already installed mesh drawers, shelves and plain front drawers, it was much easier than when I originally put everything together.

Just the addition of the three pieces (total additional cost $68) made a HUGE difference in everything looking much more *done* then before when I had the open spaces.

Here is the finished product:

I love that I gained two more drawers of space that would have otherwise been wasted. And that white drawer is HUGE too. Right now, it’s empty, but I think I’m going to use it to pack away my ‘in between weather skirts and dresses that I can’t wear with tights for the winter’ items.

This still isn’t the total FINISHED Walk-In Closet. So, there will still be more updates coming. It looks like we will be starting our bathroom project in the new year, so once we build in a bathroom and add another wall it will actually become a real walk-in closet.

Right now, I’m thinking once we have the new wall, I will either add a Pax box or two along with my existing shoe organizers. Or, I might just add a regular wire clothing rack for part of the area. Or both? Guess we’ll find out in 2022!

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3 thoughts on “Walk-In Closet in Progress: A $68 Update”

  1. I didn’t think it would make a difference to have the new drawers, but, it does! Looks really good!
    My dog’s name is Jules, ( I thought about changing the spelling ) that was her name when we adopted her, in Oct. I call her Julesy. She is an adorable black lab mix.


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