Hersheypark in the Dark & Our Family Costume Plan

Can you believe that it’s almost Halloween?! Well, it’s totally sneaking up on us which means that it’s the perfect time to tell you about this year’s Hersheypark in the Dark event in Hershey, PA.

The event runs for just three weekends: October 14-16, October 21-23, and October 28-30. Our family has gone for the last few years and we absolutely love it. It’s the perfect event for those who like Halloween and amusement park rides, but don’t want the super scary ghoul decorations that would give the kiddo (and me) nightmares.

Added bonus: It also gives us a chance to dress up in costumes! I’ve wanted to do a family costume since before Jack was even a glimmer in my eye, and this year is the year that I’m making it happen. All three of us are huge fans of Wreck-It Ralph, so we decided to dress up like three of our favorite characters!

As a little teaser, here they are:

Source: Disney
Source: Disney

We aren’t going for full-on cosplay with our costumes… instead just using stuff we already own and buying a couple accessories. I can’t wait to see them all put together!

We will be enjoying Hersheypark in the Dark the weekend before Halloween, so if you see us please say hi. I’ll be sure to tell you all about it (with pictures) when we get back!

Have you done a family costume? If so, tell me ALL about it! Are you planning to go to Hersheypark in the Dark this year?

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13 thoughts on “Hersheypark in the Dark & Our Family Costume Plan”

  1. Hersheypark in the Dark sounds like so much fun! I haven’t been to Hersheypark in YEARS. I don’t even really remember my trip (I was in middle school or younger) so I definitely need to go back. I ADORE your costume idea. You better post pictures!

  2. I’ve never done a family costume but it sounds like such a fun idea! You can get really creative too. I’ll have to explore some pinterest ideas for inspiration lol.

  3. I love Halloween! I’m so jealous. I would love to go to Hershey park. We’re going to be in Los Angeles this Halloween and this time, the whole family is going to dress up. I’m very excited. Have fun!

  4. One year, my son was Harry Potter, I was Professor McGonagall, and our black lab was Sirius Black. Additionally, I got married this past weekend and my husband, son, and I wore Victorian/Steampunk costumes. So yeah, I’m totally down for family costumes. 🙂

  5. Our family loves Wreck It Ralph! Can’t wait to see how y’all achieve those looks! Last year my family did a Dirty Dancing theme. I had on jean shorts and a white cropped top, my husband had on black pants and black tank (from the studio scene towards the end) and my daughter was dressed up like a watermelon! So fun!

  6. I love doing family costumes, and your idea is AWESOME!!! I love Wreck It Ralph!!! I can’t wait to see you guys. I’m so behind on our costumes this year. I hope to get some inspiration soon.

  7. My family took a trip to Hersheypark years ago and had so much fun! It’s such a nice park. I haven’t been to Hersheypark in the dark though so we’ll have to plan a trip back there sometime. It sounds like fun!

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