Talking About Fall Trends

When we left for our cruise it still felt like summer, but the day we got back it was suddenly fall! And COLD. I mean, I think it might feel colder because just a few days ago I was wearing a swimsuit and floating in teal colored water… but still. WOW.

Now that it actually feels like fall, I can finally start wearing some of those fall clothes that I’d find in the middle of the summer and squirrel away for cooler weather. Like these black distressed/ripped skinny jeans that I bought in July and still haven’t worn yet:

Or, a fabulous super soft plaid button-up shirt I bought from TJ Maxx and threw in the top of my closet until I could even think about wearing long sleeves again (it’s this one by BeachLunchLounge, but in a different color combo). Or booties! Or my new scarf from the Fall FabFitFun box:

So yeah, it’s pretty clear that I’m excited for fall fashion! Which makes me wonder, what is YOUR favorite “fall trend”?

The survey is now closed… here are the results:


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3 thoughts on “Talking About Fall Trends”

  1. Don’t worry you’re not the only one excited for fall fashion. I’ve been dying to wear some cute booties and black skinny jeans. It’s finally cold enough!

  2. While I’ve never been a fan of plaid (I just don’t look good in it), I love blanket scarves. I can’t wait to use my collection!

  3. Blanket scarves and boots are what I look forward to in the fall. Sometimes I am sad to see summer leave but do enjoy being cozy in my scarf and boots.

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