Reviewing the Fun Run Box: Welcome Training Kit

Facebook ads are just really spooky sometimes. Somehow they honed in on the fact that I like subscription boxes and I like to run… so they started stalking me with ads for the Fun Run Box. I ignored them for a while, but then I finally clicked through to see what it was all about… and that’s how they got me.

The Fun Run Box is a running challenge box that is shipped on a monthly basis. For a monthly fee of $35, subscribers will receive a fun box of running challenges and running products. After six months of challenges, you are considered a “finisher” and will receive a long sleeve finisher shirt and a medal. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you can use the month’s challenge cards to push yourself a little further each month.

Pretty cool spin on the whole surprise subscription box, right?

I like running stuff and frankly could always use some motivation, so I decided to sign up. The first box is a welcome training kit, but then each box after has a different theme with a unique challenge magnet and 4 – 6 running products.


Here’s what I received in my Welcome Kit box:


Official Fun Run Box tech training shirt
I hate a tight-fitting running shirt, so I sized up on my subscription and I’m really glad I did. This cute blue running shirt will be great for outdoor runs, or working out on my elliptical.

FuelBelt hand held water bottle
I was really excited for the handheld water bottle, because I’ve never run with one of these before and wanted to try one out.

Fun Run Box cinch sack
Out of the whole box, this is the one item that I really dislike. I knew it was coming though, so at least I expected it. I just don’t really like cinch sacks and don’t use them. This one will go in the donation pile.

Hydration powder and bar
Since I typically keep my runs between 3 – 6 miles, I haven’t previously used any sort of hydration powers or protein-type bars. Two packs of Sqwincher Zero electrolyte replenishment powers and one Bonk Breaker bite protein bar was included in my box. I haven’t tried the powder, but the protein bar tasted awful.

A Magnet
Each month I will receive a different magnet. This month’s magnet says “Train. Challenge. Repeat.” And has Fun Run Box on it.

First Challenge
Ok, here’s the reason for the box. This month’s goal is to make running a habit, so the weeks are broken up into manageable activities to help you do so. According to the schedule, the most important thing about this month’s challenge is to try not to miss any days and if you can’t do the specified workout to try and do at least some of it.


My Thoughts
My first Run Fun Box was just okay, but that’s kind of what I expected. Before you get into the fun themed boxes you have to start with this one. Sure, it’s kind of basic and boring… but the shirt is nice and so is the water bottle and challenge. Unfortunate, I don’t really feel like I got a $35 value out of the box. So, I’ll try it a couple more months before making up my mind on whether this subscription is a winner or a loser.


Disclosure: This post is not sponsored by Fun Run Box, I paid for the $35 subscription fee with my own hard-earned money.

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7 thoughts on “Reviewing the Fun Run Box: Welcome Training Kit”

  1. Subscription boxes are great! I’ve taken a break from them for a while since they do add up, but I feel like I might need to jump back on board with them soon!

  2. I love this idea. I am always in and out of running. I actually enjoy it when I am able to go. Thanks for sharing your experience. I think this would be a great way to stay motivated about running.

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