Holiday Funk

I had all sorts of grand plans for how I’d spend my holiday break. I mean, 11 days off of work is nothing to shake a stick at and I figured I’d get a bunch of stuff done. Like actually going out to dinner with some girlfriends. And taking Jack to the movies. And starting a workout plan (again). And kissing my friend’s babies. And cooking dinner. And showering. You know, all the fun stuff.

Instead, I was sick almost the entire time. I was actually sick for right around 19 days straight. And yes I counted. And honestly, I’m still sick today because I still have a cough that makes people grimace and look disgusted each time I accidentally let out a hack.

I made it through two family events for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day dinner, but then I basically just sat on the couch like a slob for the next week.


Ugh, I am so sick of being sick. 😷 it’s been two weeks and I feel like yuck rolled in turd with a sprinkle of blegh on top.

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Luckily Jack is pretty self-sufficient at this point and would get up in the morning to help himself to a snack and either play with his toys until I woke up or watch his shows on Netflix. We had a few naps together, but other times he’d wait until I fell asleep and then sneak out to go play quietly downstairs.

I finally started turning a corner with this funk over the weekend. After days of being totally content not showering or cleaning up, suddenly I was grossed out by how badly my living room needed to be vacuumed. And then, I couldn’t stand how messy my office was. And then, the playroom could not be purged fast enough. Don’t even get me started on how nasty the inside of my truck was. BLEGH. After a couple days of acting like a cleaning tornado, I feel much better. Health-wise and mental-wise.

And in my time of convalescence, I’ve come to a few conclusions about my blog. And social media in general. Basically it boils down to the fact that I’m sick of bullshit. More thoughts on that in the near future. So yeah, this year is looking to be a fun one!

But what I want to know is… how was your Christmas/Hanukah & New Years?

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4 thoughts on “Holiday Funk”

  1. Not too bad. I wasn’t as sick as you. But I did not get a lot accomplished. Yesterday was my tornado day and that went well. Unpacked boxes from our move at the end of October. Woohoo.

    1. That’s awesome. You’ve got to love a good tornado day! Two of the boxes I cleaned out in my office were sent over from my parents house… from my childhood bedroom!!

  2. I think we share a brain. I was blah for much of the break–grand plans out the window–and then I seemed to recover myself on New Years day. I cleaned like a MFing nut and now I feel human. Wheeeee!

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