Holiday Style for the Office

The one thing I miss about going into the office is dressing up for work. I mean, I also miss hanging out with the people and ALL the restaurants around the office… but my poor unworn office clothes are right up there.

I went into the office a few times in October, a couple times in November and for December I’m only planning to go in once. The worst part of going in just one time is that I have so many wonderful holiday office outfits and none of them will be getting worn!

I thought that since my ‘style blog’ is lacking on the ‘style’ part of things… it would be fun to take a look back at some of my favorite holiday outfits that I’ve worn to work.

I love styling ‘special’ fabrics for the office, even though they might be a bit fancy — which you can see by my velvet floral skirt, lace skirt, and sparkly metallic dress. That beaded cardigan has been in heavy holiday rotation for 9 years now… I remember buying it when I was pregnant with Jack to dress up some of my plain maternity tops. As for the plaid flannel shirt, I made it a bit fancier by adding my bright red points. Bring on the eggnog latte!

And here’s a little deeper dig into the vaults… with some 2017 and 2018 holiday looks. That’s the same lace skirt, paired with a pine green sweater and metallic berry shoes. That velvet floral number is a vintage Anthropologie piece with a halter top, but that was easy to hide under a solid black cardigan. The polka dotted dress has sparkly gold stars and I’ve worn it time and time again… not just around the holidays but all year long. As for the last look, it’s hard to tell in the photo but they are the softest most comfortable pair of burgundy/berry colored skinny corduroys and they are a great way for a more casual holiday look that still makes you want to fa-la-la all over the place.

Now I just have to decide which sparkly look to wear into the office this week…

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2 thoughts on “Holiday Style for the Office”

  1. All very pretty! My favorite ones would be the velvet dress with cardigan, and the lace skirt with he green sweater! So pretty! The pants outfit is great. Looks so comfy. The polka dot is nice, but I would pick the other ones. The green sweater with the velvet dress is beautiful!

    I have a wine colored long vest and longsleeved top set, that has made the cut to many Christmas parties. So comfortable, and you can have an extra cookie and not worry about anything! I like a good top and sweater set that you can use with pants, or an easy to wear skirt. I gave up tight, uncomfortable dresses, long ago!
    My goal today, is to go to my closet,(this is where this goal usually ends) and go through all if my winter clothing. I might purge enough to be able to have a truck from a charity come out and take it all away! I know of a few places that I give to, and it is way better than throwing it out. It has to be in good shape, but my stuff usually is.

    Well, thanks for sharing. I get some great tips from you! Have a good day.

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