Reviewing Woolzies Laundry Dryer Balls


Have you guys heard of dryer balls? They are an all-natural fabric softener alternative to the dryer sheets I would typically buy at the grocery store. Rather than using a scented dryer sheet, you use and reuse wool dryer balls and add some essential oils if you want a subtle scent.

I heard about them in a Facebook Group and decided to give them a try. Also, I like to make my husband giggle when I bring dryer balls up in a conversation…

Some benefits to using wool dryer balls:

  • They are chemical free
  • They last for 1000+ loads
  • They reduce drying time
  • They get rid of wrinkles and static

I ordered this pack off of Amazon: Woolzies 6 pack XL Dryer Balls. I decided on this particular set because they were $16.95 and had 4.5/5 stars with over 3,500 reviews! I like a subtle scent to our laundry (my previous favorite was lavender scented dryer sheets), so I also bought Woolzies 100% Pure Happy Essential Oil Blend Set.

I’ve been using these dryer balls for every load of laundry I’ve done since August… so that is 4 full months of laundry. Or a billion loads. At least, that’s what it feels like.

Before a load, I’ll add 2-3 drops of an essential oil to one of the balls before adding our clothes. If I’m doing a load with a bunch of towels or sheets, I might add a little extra oil. I haven’t had any issues with static, but I heard that if things get staticky, you can add a safety pin to a couple of your wool dryer balls to get rid of the shocks.

Out of the three scents, my absolute favorite is the Blissful Magic. It’s described as: an exotic floral aroma that can balance emotions and soothe the body and mind. It contains jasmine, neroli, rose, white lotus and vetiver essential oils. I don’t know about balancing emotions… but I love the way our towels smell when I get out of the shower. It also adds a subtle scent to our entire laundry area, which is nice since it is on the first floor of our home.

I love our switch to dryer balls so far. They do a great job with drying our clothes without wrinkles, they smell fantastic and I don’t have to keep adding dryer sheets to our grocery lists! These would also make a really cute Christmas gift… you could include a small basket (for the balls when not in use), a pack of dryer balls and an assortment pack of oils.

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4 thoughts on “Reviewing Woolzies Laundry Dryer Balls”

  1. What a good idea. Do they take dog hair off of sheets and blankets? My current dryer sheet does that. If they do that, I am sold! Thanks for sharing this idea. A nice scent would be great!

  2. Have you had any issues with oil spots on your clothes? We’ve been using those exact dryer balls for a while, but I’ve been too nervous to try with the oils.

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