Loving Right Now: We are the Champions

Over the weekend, Travis and I got sucked into the most fabulous kind of Netflix binge. A binge of the total weirdness of We are the Champions.

There are only 6 episodes and each episode is about 30 minutes each, so our binge lasted just two nights after Jack went to bed. We are the Champions focuses on some of the must unusual competitions around the world. And when I say unusual… I mean UNUSUAL. Here is the list of episodes that we plowed though:

  • Episode 1: Cheese Rolling
  • Episode 2: Chili Eating
  • Episode 3: Fantasy Hairstyling
  • Episode 4: Yo-Yo
  • Episode 5: Dog Dancing
  • Episode 6: Frog Jumping

I think if I had to rank them, the Cheese Rolling episode was my favorite. Closely followed by the Frog Jumping and the Dog Dancing. It was the perfect show for us to heckle the television. I mean… come on. CHEESE ROLLING. It’s a race where you chase a circle of wrapped cheese down a hill.

In other words, it’s perfection!

Have you watched We are the Champions on Netflix yet? If not… are you adding it to your queue?  

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