November Thrift Haul

As I’m sure you can imagine, I haven’t done much thrifting lately. I did have a chance to make one visit at the very beginning of the month, but now that the COVID numbers have been growing I’m not leaving my house very much. I have had some secondhand scores on Poshmark though, so I figured I’d include them in this month’s Thrift Haul!

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In my in-person thrifting trip, I ended up with two sweaters from the men’s racks:

John Bartlett Consensus men’s cardigan, $6.99 on sale for $3.50. I did a bunch of searching and the best I can tell is that the brand was carried by the Bon-Ton department store in 2011? This one still had the bag of extra buttons attached to the inside, so it must have been sitting unworn in someone’s closet for years before they decided to just donate it. It’s just a simple sweater, nothing fancy and I’ve worn it a few times over a t-shirt on those ‘in between’ weather days. Unfortunately, after even a couple wears it’s getting quite stretched out and the fabric is pilling so this one will soon be leaving my closet.

Black Brown 1826 sweater, $7.99. This sweater is a bit of an experiment for me. I typically stay away from wool sweaters because I find them itchy and too hot. This one is 100% merino wool but it actually feels very plush and soft. Someone obviously shrunk the hell out of it, because it’s a Men’s XXL and now fits the same as a Women’s large. When I brought it home, I threw it in the wash on cold and then laid it flat and stretched it a bit to dry. I’m planning to give this one a try on those super chilly days around the house where I just can’t get warm. Worst case scenario, this one may get re-donated at the end of winter.

Moving on to Poshmark:

I bought a Rag & Bone pullover from Nordstrom Rack over the summer for a steal, and when I popped the tags off it as soon as the weather got colder, I realized how much I really, really, really loved it. It’s the perfect mix of comfortable like pajamas, but looks cute enough to wear on a work zoom call. I like them with jeans and I love them with my Athleta joggers. It’s basically the perfect top! I found myself wearing it over and over again, so I searched on Poshmark for similar versions from the same brand and ended up with these.

They were all purchased separately from different sellers. I ended up paying $25 for the maroon and black version, $31 for the solid black top, $65 for the new-with-tags blue v-neck, and $60 for the striped version. So, $181 for 4 shirts… which is obviously much more expensive than thrift prices. However, I’m really happy with the purchases considering this exact top costs $155 each from the Nordstrom and/or Rag & Bone website. Also, I’ve been wearing one literally every single day with my Athleta joggers. This has quickly become my perfect comfy but cute winter teleworking uniform.

While you may not want to do any in-person thrifting right now… it’s the perfect time to try out Poshmark! You can help someone else clean out their closet while finding some scores of your own. If you’ve been meaning to try out Poshmark, I have a special invite code that you can use. Just open a Poshmark account and enter the code POCKETFULOFJOUL to get $5 off your first order.

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