Black Friday Shopping Plans

Let me start by saying, I’ve never done the wake up early and camp outside a store thing on Black Friday. And I’m certainly not starting now, in the middle of a pandemic. Instead, I do the majority of my shopping online… and “Black Friday” seems to start anywhere from the week before Thanksgiving to the week after. Basically the deals start coming right near Turkey Day and then keep going and going until Christmas arrives.

With all that being said, I do have a list of stores/items to check out on Black Friday for any super special deals.

  • Rothy’s: For the last couple years, Rothy’s has released a limited-edition shoe on Thanksgiving. And BOOM it sells out by the end of the day. This year, there are rumors that a plaid shoe is coming and if one drops this week I’m snapping it up because I would love a plaid pair of points!
  • Olaplex: I’ve been using the Olaplex system for the last few weeks and I LOVE the shampoo (No. 4) and conditioner (No. 5). I’m planning to pop by the Olaplex website and also check out Ulta and Sephora to see if there are any deals so I can score some refills.
  • Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask: I’m out of my favorite face mask and I’m planning to check if it’s on sale on the Tata Harper site, Nordstrom, Ulta and Sephora.
  • UGG Cardy boots: I’ve been eying the UGG knit boots lately because I think they’d be a nice, taller alternative to my slippers when the weather gets colder. They’re normally $150 though, so I’m hoping I can find a pair on sale either on the UGG website or on
  • Video Games: Jack has a few different video games on his Christmas list, so I’m going to check out Target, Walmart, Amazon and GameStop to see if any have reduced prices.

Are you planning to do any online Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping?

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One thought on “Black Friday Shopping Plans”

  1. Maybe on Black Friday. I have to look on my lists and see exactly what I am looking for. I need my hubby’s list, and my mother in law’s. The rest are either swaps or a few friends or family. My sister and I are now doing gift baskets. Sort of easygoing his year! I may still have slippers for my mother in law, from last year,when she asked for them in black, and I already had them in blue. I got black ones, and saved the blue.

    I really like the Mukluks slipper socks. Sherpa lining. So cute, and cozy! QVC has a good deal on a 3 pack. Last year, everyone I gave them to, shreaked with joy. They have cabin socks, too, 5 in a pack by Cudl Duds. I give them as a hostess gift with wine, or Baileys.

    Happy shopping!

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