I Did the iPhone Battery $29 Replacement Deal & it Was a Pain the Butt

Do you all remember when Apple came out a few months ago and was basically like, ‘um, we totally slow down all your phones. Our bad. We’ll cut the rate of a replacement battery to $29 to make up for it”? If not, you can read the press release here. I have an iPhone 6s and couldn’t even get through half a day without having to recharge my phone, so I decided to wait a few months and get myself one of those new batteries.

Let me start by saying it was a HUGE pain in the butt.

I went online and tried to find the phone number for a nearby Apple store, but that was basically impossible. Instead, you get the ‘main’ Apple number with their customer service. I then decided to use their online chat feature to figure out how to get an appointment for a new battery. After going through a whole process to see if I qualify for a new battery (I did) they then told me it would be 4 – 6 weeks.

Um… nope.

So, I shut down the chat and ignored it a bit longer.

A few weeks later I was near an Apple store, so I walked in and made and appointment for a battery replacement for a week later.

Seems pretty easy, right?


Sure, I made the appointment. But then, I had to go through the process of completing an online survey to make sure I qualify for a battery replacement (I did!) and then wait to see if a new battery was available, and then wait to see if it would be shipped to the store in time for my appointment. THEN, the morning of the appointment I get to the store right when the store opened and there were literally 100 people standing in line.


I was told to stand in a line in the center of the store, while the majority of the people stood in a line to the left. After checking in and confirming that YES I have an appointment, I waited for about 10 more minutes. Then, an Apple lady came over to have me do yet another survey on her iPad. Finally, when it was confirmed that I CAN get a new battery and it was THERE FOR ME, she took my phone and told me to come back in 2 hours.

Sigh. (It was fine though, I did a little shopping.)

I got back to the store just in time… and was told to wait 15 more minutes.


THEN. It happened.

I paid them $29, they gave me my phone back… and it could actually hold a charge for a whole day! It’s like a brand-new phone! It’s life changing. Or, at least social media/blog life changing. And yes, it was an absolute pain to get it done… but I’m happy that I did.

Have you taken advantage of the $29 battery replacement deal? Did it go smoothly for you, or was it a huge pain?

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