I’m a 2014 Bloggies Finalist!

You guys.
REALLY, you guys!

You totally brought a tear to my eye and a scream to my face.
Or wait, throat?
Um… mouth?

Whatever, I was screaming like rabid howler monkey with ants in his pants and it was totally YOUR fault!

bloggies image

Do you SEE that?!  Pocketful of Joules is a finalist in the category of “Best Writing of a Weblog” for the 2014 Bloggies!

Out of all of the blogs in the whole wide world, you chose this one as a top 5 finalist! I’m in the same category as The Bloggess. Are you kidding me?!


So thank you. Thank you so much for this honor. I am SO HONORED that I made it to be a finalist. Like, I can’t even STAND how exciting this is. And I fully do not expect to win, because HELLO I’m up against The Bloggess. She’s hilarious and a best-selling author, so I’d totally vote for her!

It WOULD be pretty cool though if I won. Right?! I mean, little ol’ me… WINNING the 2014 Bloggie Award for “Best Writing” would pretty much make my year…

So, let’s see if we can make that happen! Take 3 minutes and stop by the 2014 Bloggies website and cast your vote for your favorites from each category of finalists.

Voting is open until March 23, 2014 and you can only vote one time with each email address. Once you submit your vote, you will receive a confirmation email back to your account. You click that link and BOOM you’re done. And you made my day all over again.

If I actually do win, I’ll write a ridiculous acceptance speech and upload it to Youtube for you all to laugh at. Or maybe have a giveaway of some of my favorite things to celebrate. Or both.

Thank you again. In all honestly I am blown away and so grateful!

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