Inspiration Fit Autumn Grab Bag Reveal

We’ve already established that I have a weakness for the Inspiration Fit grab bags, so let’s move on to the good stuff… the reveal! This time I approached my grab bag purchase in a more strategic way. They had 6 possible designs in the Autumn bag and I knew I really liked 3 of them, so I bought TWO bags to ensure I would receive ALL THE DESIGNS.

Why would I do this though if I don’t love three of the designs? Because I joined the Inspiration Fit Swap Facebook group and I knew I could sell off any unloved shirts!

Each Autumn Grab Bag (fitted tank top option) cost $29 and they were running a deal that if you purchased 2 you would also get a $15 gift card to spend on a future order.

I received 6 shirts – all the possible designs in an assortment of fall colors. These were the three designs I really wanted:

And these were the three designs that I liked but didn’t love:

I listed my unwanted shirts on the Swap Facebook Group and within an hour or so I sold them for $12 each, for a total of $36 in sales (minus Paypal shipping costs and postage). I then searched the group for the Pumpkin Spice shirt I loved in a long sleeve version (for a perfect Fall Casual Friday look for work) and bought a pretty burgundy version for $19.

So now I have four shirts… all designs that I love. I ended up averaging about $11.75 per shit and I still had that $15 gift card to use on a future order.

After a little site stalking, I used the gift card on this shirt, which I love:

AND I’m super prepared for Fall… bring on the pumpkins and spice! {But not the Pumpkin Spice, because that stuff is too sweet!}

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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