Inspiration Fit Christmas Mystery Grab Bag Reveal

I first gambled on an Inspiration Fit “Mystery Bag” back in June (read it here). At the time that bag cost $25 and contained “a combination of tanks, shirts, sweatshirts, bags, headbands for a $100 value.” I received four tank tops – I gave two away in a blog giveaway and I’ve been wearing the other two pretty regularly to the gym.


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Now that they’ve hooked me once, I ALWAYS see the Facebook ads when they release new mystery bags. I almost clicked through and bought the Thanksgiving mystery bag, but decided to hold out to see if there was a fun Christmassy version.

And there was!

The Christmas Mystery Grab Bag was released in mid-October. Their information said that it would contain “1 sweatshirt plus 3 tops – the tops could be a variety of long-sleeves, hoodies, tanks, crewneck tees, etc.” They also stated that all the shirts would be unisex sizing, winter/holiday colors, and all designs would be related to winter and Christmas. You can find their website here and they still have some mystery bags available.

Here’s the photo from their website of some of the adorable options:

Source: InspirationFit website


Unlike the Thanksgiving grab bag, I liked every design shown… so I figured I’d take a chance. This bag was priced at $44 for $150 worth of merchandise, so I clickety-clacked through and ordered one for myself. Last time I ordered the “fitted” tank tops, so I sized up to an XL. It’s a good thing I did since they were cut more like fitted larges. Since this pack was said to be unisex, I stuck with my typical large and hoped for the best.

Want to see what I got?

My Mystery Bag contained one sweatshirt and three t-shirts: Make it Rein sweatshirt, Happy Holla Days tee, All the Jingle Ladies tee and North Pole Trading Co tee.

Sweatshirts are on their site for $39 with t-shirts running $29, so the total retail value of my bag was in fact $126 (rather than the $150 worth I was promised). Once again, like the summer mystery bag I was hoping for more variety –a long sleeved t-shirt or hoodie instead of all the t-shirts would have been nice. Or even a tank top, since they have been in heavy rotation.

All in all, I like the designs I was sent with my favorites being Happy Holla Days and All the Jingle ladies.  I can see styling them with a patterned sweater and jeans. Or even with a sequined cardigan I just thrifted and a pair of black pants for a more casual and holiday-appropriate work day.

While I like the t-shirts, I don’t LOOOOOVE them. They’re just normal old t-shirts… not especially soft or flattering. I probably will not be ordering another mystery bag in the future, unless they have a great one with tank tops that I can wear to the gym. Of course, I say that now… but then they get me yet again with their adorable ads!

Have you ordered an Inspiration Fit Mystery Bag? What did you think?


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3 thoughts on “Inspiration Fit Christmas Mystery Grab Bag Reveal”

  1. They’re still all cute. I know you are handy with a sewing machine…alter them to be more of a female fit. VERY easy and makes them much more flattering 🙂

  2. I ordered the holiday grab bag and hated every one of them. Big $40 mistake. What they showed in the example were much cuter than what I got. I never wear tee’s in the winter and 3 of the four were, and the sweatshirt was an awful gray color. Huge disappointment.

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