I’ve Been a Busy Little Bee

I had Jack about two weeks ago and was released from the hospital a few days later. So for the last couple weeks I’ve been home and not working.

I haven’t really been blogging, only that one post about Jack being born. I’ve been pretty much missing from Facebook other than a few Jack-related updates and pictures. I haven’t even really been emailing any of my friends, who are used to getting a buttload of emails from me each week.

So what in the heck have I been doing?

Well, a good portion of every day is spent driving to the hospital, hanging out at the hospital with Jack, and driving back home. That probably takes up about 5 hours each day – especially considering that the NICU is closed between 6:30 – 7:30 each night, so my husband and I use that time to go and grab a bite to eat before returning to the hospital.

For the rest of my day, I’ve thrown myself into getting as many projects completed as possible.

So for the past 13 days I’ve been working on the house, getting as many random appointments out of the way as I can (eye doctor, vet, dentist, etc), and buying everything we need for Jack once he comes home.

My first large project was our den. The space is a bit odd and the previous owners just amped up the awkward with their random placement of a small couch and TV. I could not wait to get my hands on the place to change it up and make it feel like home. In fact, I had already decorated it in my head (and sketchbook) before we even owned the house.

A few people have asked for me to post my projects, so here is the before and after of our den.

Here is a shot of the den from the listing online, before I got my hands on it:

And here is my “after” shot from a similar angle:

Oh, actually I should start with the fact that the room is not entirely finished yet. Although Potter has a little corner to himself now (which my husband says looks like Potter’s Pleasure Palace with the hanging candle lights above his bed), that area will soon be built-in bookcases. I just need to buy the supplies and find the energy to build them.

Another view:

Yes, that’s a crapload of boxes out in our sunroom. I think we finally found a taker though, so someone will get some use out of them!

Other than the lack o’ bookshelves at the moment, I’m pretty happy with the way the room turned out. I love the bright white trim and blue walls. The super comfortable chairs make it nice to hang out in front of the fire with a cup of coffee, and it will be even better when Jack comes home to join in on the snuggling.

Here are some of my favorite parts of the room:

My Awesome Rug. I love my rug! I looked high and low for one that I liked as much as the West Elm version and finally found this one. And yes, those are Potters little feet — he likes the rug too.

My flying pig. No explanation needed, who doesn’t like a flying pig??

My Wish Tree. I love, love, LOVE my wish tree. My awesome and thoughtful friends who threw my baby shower had the attendees each write out their wish for our baby. They were so incredibly, tear-inducingly sweet that I was super happy to find a space where we could walk past them each day.

So there it is, my first house project. Well, my first house project that I’ve blogged about. Since this project has been completed (last week), I’ve also hung a bunch of pictures everywhere around the house and finished Jack’s nursery. So, more pictures coming soon!

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One thought on “I’ve Been a Busy Little Bee”

  1. So happy to see you all are doing well and managing to accomplish quite a bit by the looks of it! Beautiful baby, beautiful house!! So excited for you all!! 🙂

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