Jack’s First Day of 6th Grade

Today is our first day of school and we officially have a middle schooler in the house!

Jack is excited to go to a new school with TWO floors and meet a bunch of new friends this year. He’s also thrilled that his best friend shares his homeroom and a few other classes too. Most of all, he is eager to learn more about what clubs he will be able to join once they launch this fall, with the robotics club high up on his list.

With Jack getting older, I asked him whether he still wanted me to write about him on Pocketful of Joules. He’s been approving his own photos for a while, so I wanted to make sure that he had the chance to veto any Jack-specific posts if it makes him uncomfortable. I suggested maybe we discontinue the ‘back to school’ type posts and only include him when talking about family trips and general adventures. However, he said he would like to keep up with the Jack posts for now.

So, for the time being you’ll still see my kiddo on the blog from time to time. But, over the next few years I may start sharing a little less.

Today though, I’m happy to share this adorable, smart, hilarious and very, very cute 6th grader!

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One thought on “Jack’s First Day of 6th Grade”

  1. It is always fun to see the new Jack each year! I hope he has a wonderful year. Middle school was my favorite part of education. My teachers were great, the principal was friendly, and well liked. All of my friends were with me. Congrats, Jack!

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