Jack’s Last Day of 5th Grade… and Elementary School

I feel like we deserve a parade. Or some fireworks. Or at least a roasted marshmallow. Because WE DID IT! Jack finished 5th grade on Friday and is now officially done with elementary school.

In a way, the past 6 years at our elementary school have felt like forever. But they also feel like they’ve flown by.

I remember taking him for his first day of kindergarten and everything went pretty smoothly… until 2nd grade. Due to the pandemic, school went online in March 2020 and he didn’t return to the classroom in-person until the end of 3rd grade in May 2021. He was back to in-person school for all of 4th grade and it was one of our most challenging years yet.

5th grade started rough, but we were so thankful to have some exceptional teachers this year. For the first time, I felt like I actually had a team of people at the school who wanted to help Jack succeed.

He finished the year strong and I feel like we are really ready to jump into middle school next year!

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