January Thrift Haul

The start of the year means a whole clean slate for thrifting fun. Crossing my fingers that I learned from my mistakes of the previous year (I probably didn’t….), and looking forward to all the new treasures to find!

DRU Holland Dutch Oven, $6.99

This was a ‘start the car’ moment for me while out thrifting a few weeks ago. In fact, they hadn’t even put this adorable dutch oven out yet when I yoinked it out of the bin and put it in my cart. Within 60 seconds, another lady started sniffing around and asked if I really wanted it… BACK OFF LADY!

Anywho, DRU Holland Dutch Ovens were made between the 1930’s and 1960’s and many pieces were distributed as premiums in grocery store sin the 1950’s. Most of their pieces are enameled in pastel colors with contrasting trip and adorned with depictions of tulips or other flowers.

I love it so much and it fits right in with the rest of my mid-century collection! PS, you can see I also have a smaller blue tulip version too (another thrift find).

Glitter Converse One-Star Shoes, $8.99

I’ve been casually looking for a pair of glitter Converse for a couple months now, after falling in love with a bejeweled high-top version on Poshmark. These are super silvery sparkly, but not actual glitter (so it won’t be shedding while I walk). They were a little dingy, but a bleach wipe and a magic eraser cleaned them right up and now they’re looking as good as new!

A New Day rain boots, $5.99

Another pair of shoes – but these weren’t on my list at all. However, they were new with tags ($26 retail) and my size, so I figured I’d try them on. They are super comfortable and I don’t have a pair of rain boots, so I figured I might as well buy them. A quick wash with some dish detergent and they look fantastic. So far, these have come in really handy as ‘leave by the front door’ boots, since I can step into them for hands-free ease to run out to the mailbox.

Athleta Arrival skirt, $13.49

I love Athleta, so when I saw this super lightweight skirt in a cool pattern I scooped it up. It’s the “arrival” skirt (retail price $89) and it’s made for hot days and traveling, since it won’t wrinkle. This will be great for the summer paired with a tank top and some sandals. I washed it in the laundry on cold and let it hang dry — now it’s waiting in my closet for the spring to come.

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