Kid Approved Lego Shelves

Jack is a Lego kid. And a Snap Circuits Kid. And a Video Game Kid. And a K’Nex Kid. Basically, if it’s STEM… he loves it. Which is AWESOME. However, my house gets super messy with projects displayed everywhere.

Every so often, Jack does a bit of a clean-up/purge, which is super helpful. But there are often super awesome amazing builds that deserve a place to be admired. Which is what sent me looking for some cool Lego shelves.

I was first considering just normal shelves… but then I saw these: the 16 inch BrickMaster Display Shelves from Amazon. They are currently $29.99 for a set of two and OH MY GOSH, they are perfect!

Each shelf has a black Lego baseplate on it, so you can connect your builds and mini figures securely to the shelf. They also go up super easy, just three screws per shelf and I was done.

Jack loves them and plans to switch out his display often:

And I love them, because it means these particular masterpieces don’t live in front of the television. So, of course, I had to share them with you all in case you also have a Lego loving kid in your house!

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