Knock on Wood, Cross Your Fingers, Hold your Breath & Make a Wish

I tend to be a little superstitious.

For some reason if I say something stupid like “yeah, I’ve been really lucky and haven’t gotten any pimples in a while,” I will immediately break out like a teenager.

I try not to talk about things in progress because I’m afraid that if I celebrate they won’t actually work out.

Oh, and I totally cross my fingers and knock on wood for various reasons.

Well, let’s break this streak today and have a truly awesome (and hopeful) start to 2012.

You know that contract we submitted for our dream house? It was accepted!

Knowing how negotiations work, we asked for a bit more that we actually wanted – namely money off the asking price in addition to seller help with closing costs.

After letting us know that “the sellers were not happy with our offer,” their agent then called our agent less than an hour later to let us know that they were sending over a counter-offer. The adjusted contact came back over and the final numbers ended up being exactly what we wanted to pay in the first place.

And the extremely dorky happy dance begins!

Well, actually for the moment it’s a little bit of a cautious happy dance. Hmm… I’m actually not sure how to do a cautious happy dance. Maybe the same amount of booty shaking and arm flailing, but more of a pensive expression on your face? Anyways, moving on…

Although my dad checked the place out last weekend (he is a custom home builder/renovation extraordinaire and uber-qualified to determine if we were making an [all caps kind of] BIG MISTAKE), we still need to have the place reviewed by the home inspector this Saturday.

They’ll be doing a radon test at the same time and then next week is the water, septic tank and termite tests. All of these expenses are totally adding up (over 1k so far) so my check writing hand is not very happy. And yes, I know that the sellers are giving us a bunch off at settlement, so it really does all even out in the end. But right now my checkbook is on fire and I hate spending money unless it’s for something fun or yummy!

Once all the tests and inspections are finished, we still have to hold our breath until the mortgage stuff goes through. Of course, I’m being silly because we’ve already been thoroughly checked out and pre-qualified. I just have that feeling that things are too freaking awesome to be true and something big, bad and smelly is just around the corner.

If all goes according to plan, we will be going to settlement on the new house on January 27th. Yes, that’s right… 23 days from today. Holy crackers!

I don’t know whether to reconvene for a group happy dance with my husband and dog, run home and start packing, or breathe into a paper bag! All three at once would be difficult, but I am a very good multitasker…

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