Let’s Talk About Happy Things

I debated over posting my thoughts about Friday’s tragedy in Newtown. I decided not to though, because there are so many other bloggers who have put their horror and sorrow into words in such a perfect way that I really don’t have anything to add.

The only thing I would like to say is to implore you to please send positive thoughts and prayers to everyone who has been impacted by this tragedy. Remember those who have been taken from us too soon – the innocent children and the brave adults who gave their lives to protect the kids. Give your family members and loved ones a little extra snuggle. Not just today, but always.

So today, instead of a normal blog post I’ve decided that we need to add a little more HAPPY into the world.

So here is your challenge – scroll down to the comments and share something positive. It can be a little story of a good deed, something cute your kid did or even a link to a funny story or joke.  I just want this to be a place where we can put a little sunlight back into the day and a little FaLALALALA back into the holiday season.

Here’s my contribution:

My 10 month old son has said his second word (his first was MomMom) and it is obviously his FAVORITE word to say, ”Yeah”. What’s funny is that he says the word at weirdly appropriate times, even though he’s obviously too young to know what it means.

For example:

Me: Hey Jack, you smell a little ripe. Do you have a stinky diaper?
Jack: …yeah…

Me: Oooh, you’re cute aren’t you. You’re like a little ROCKSTAR!

Me: You look hungry, are you hungry little man?
Jack: Yeah Yeah YEAHHHHH

I totally tried to record him answering every question with YEAH, but as soon as I pull out my iPhone he totally clams up.

So it’s your turn – share some HAPPY below!

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9 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Happy Things”

  1. A little piece of happy: I got to skype with my “nephew” yesterday. He’s 4 and a half and we skyped so I could watch him open the Christmas presents I sent from 2 states away. He refuses to wear pants in the comfort of his home, but that didn’t stop him from showing me his ninja moves in his PJ top and superhero underpants. Try to picture that without laughing. I dare you.

  2. More Happy To Add To Your Pile: My 20-month old’s favorite thing to do…especially to strangers…is to walk up to them….sometimes in the mall…and smell their feet and tell them they’re stinky. Nice, huh? Embarrassing? Yes. But, mostly hilarious. He’s probably being honest anyway 😉

    1. Oh my gawd, that’s amazingly hilarious. Like, you know when you type LOL but you’re just snickering a little. I literally DID LOL! I can’t WAIT until Jack starts being inappropriate (…just like his mommom)!

  3. Here’s some happy for you: But it’s a secret so shhhhhh… One of my family members who we haven’t seen for Christmas in many many years is coming home and surprising the fam…but like, I can’t tell anyone in my family because it’s a surprise and it’s the most exciting thing ever! My dad is going to cry thousands of happy tears.

  4. My happy? I am getting married to the man of my dreams on Friday! The end of the world of selfishness and the beginning of one of brotherhood. A wedding seems like the perfect transition and I am so excited! Oh – and I am wearing a RAINBOW wedding dress!!!

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