Looking for Fun Kid Activities for Christmas Break

One of the benefits of working for a university is that it closes between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Jack’s preschool is also closed, so I get to stay home with him for the week and be lazy. After a couple days of playing with new toys and eating too many Christmas cookies, we always get a little antsy and need to leave the house. So, each year I try to plan a few activities for us to do.

This year, the week is looking a bit lame. Here’s my list so far:

  • See Moana
  • Get Jack new shoes because his feet won’t stop growing
  • Make jello with Jack (by his request)
  • See a friend who also has kids for a kid date (possibly at the local trampoline park)

So yeah, I could use some help! Do you have any fun ideas for what to do for Christmas Break? If so, please please please share them in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Looking for Fun Kid Activities for Christmas Break”

  1. Don’t forget your local library! We are near two, one had a couple hours last Saturday where we did about 6 different crafts. And the downtown location has simpler crafts on-going along with their usual toys.
    And check any malls. One of ours is doing a nightly snowfall (not as big a deal in areas that don’t consider 60 degrees freezing).
    And come the first Saturday of the New Year, don’t forget that Home Depot does a Kids Project, complete with nails and paint!

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