Loving Right Now: Shows I’m Binging on Netflix

It’s time for a Loving Right Now post of some of my current favorites. These posts aren’t paid or sponsored or anything, they are just stuff that I’m totally digging right now and thought you might like too. So, let’s get to it!

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I’ve been on a bit of a Netflix Binge over the past few weeks and I wanted to share some of the shows that I’ve been absolutely LOVING:

Limitless (2015 TV series)
There is also a movie, Limitless, that stars Bradley Cooper. This TV show takes place after the events of the movie (which I did not see) and Bradley Cooper’s character makes appearances. The premise of the show is that an average 28-year old man, Brian Finch, gains the ability to use the full extent of his brain’s capabilities through a drug called NZT. Through a series of events, he finds himself working with the cops to solve cases. I developed a crush on Brian Finch (played by Jake McDorman) within the space of one episode and loved watching him grow over the season. I also loved the friendship between him and his partner, Rebecca Harris (played by Jennifer Carpenter).

I was a little worried going into this series, because it was only on for one season before NBC cancelled it. I was hoping it wouldn’t end on a cliff-hanger that would drive me crazy, but luckily the two-part series finale wrapped things up quite nicely, while still leaving plenty of stories that could be told. There are currently petitions for someone to please, please, please pick up the show for season 2, but as of now… it’s done. Still totally worth watching though!

Here’s the series trailer:

Luke Cage (2016 Season One)
I originally got sucked into the Marvel universe of Netflix Originals with Jessica Jones. If you haven’t seen it, DO IT now. After I devoured that show, I moved on to Daredevil and watched both season one and two. Iron Fist came out a couple months ago, but I have literally no interest in it (the reviews are pretty terrible). Luke Cage came out in September 2016 and although I liked his character when he was on Jessica Jones, I wasn’t really jumping to watch his series. I was SO WRONG. I’m currently up to episode 8 (out of 13) and I’m kicking myself for holding off so long.

Luke Cage has super strength and is a bit of a reluctant hero on the series. The show is fantastic and really hooks you in from the first episode. They also flesh out the bad guys, so that you understand a lot about why they do the things they do. Although the timeline comes after Jessica Jones, it isn’t necessary to watch one before the other. All the characters will be coming together for the Defenders in August, so I can’t wait to see how that plays out!

Here’s the series trailer:

Travelers (2016 Season One)
Travis and I needed something new to watch together and somehow stumbled upon this total gem. I didn’t mean to watch this, but Travis turned it on while I was reading a book and within 5 minutes I put my book aside and was glued to the TV. Travelers is a time travel show with a bit of a different twist and it reminds me a bit of Lost, with you trying to figure out the full story as it unravels. We are only 3 episodes into it and Travis is lucky I love him, because I’m keeping from binging the whole thing on my own.

I love this so much and really want to talk about it with someone. So if you guys could watch up to episode 3 and let me know, that’d be great…

Here’s the series trailer:

Tell me, are you binging anything awesome on Netflix?

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