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Loving Right Now: Dollface

26 Nov

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So the one show I wanted to watch before I cancelled my Hulu subscription was Dollface. I’d seen a few advertisements on Instagram and I thought it looked kind of funny. It was also only 10 episodes and they were 30 minute each, so I felt like it was the perfect binging size for me.

Here, check it out:

I wasn’t really sure if I liked it after the first episode, but I pushed on. And I really did end up liking the series. Well, there was one Wizard of Oz themed episode that was kind of cringy, but the rest of it was pretty darn funny.

So now I want to know… did you watch it?

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Loving Right Now: Instant Hotel (season 2)

12 Nov

I was recently sucked into a new show on Netflix and it was only 6 episodes… so I actually finished it within a month!

Here’s a quick trailer for the show:

Let me start by saying, I haven’t watched season 1 and from what I read it was totally different (and had different rules/prizes than season 2). For season 2, there are four pairs of contestants and they are competing against each other to determine who has the best Instant Hotel (basically an Air B&B or VRBO property). The show takes place in Australia, so each hotel option is in a different part of the country – which makes for some fun activities and sightseeing.

Here’s what happens: all the contestants take turn staying in each other’s properties as a group. So there are some group dynamics to deal with, as well as what it’s like to experience each of the hotels and the activities that have been arranged for them. After their one-night stay, each team scores their hosts on the house, location/attractions, value for money, and quality of their night’s sleep.

After they go through all four hotels’, the scores determine the two finalists. They get $10,000 each to make improvements to their property (based on the feedback they’ve gotten) and then the contestants get a chance to stay another night and give a final grade as a jury. The winners of the show receive $100,000.

I LOOOOOVED this show and looked forward to watching each episode after Jack went to bed. My favorite couples were Debbie and Justin (I’m totally wearing a ‘sausage dog’ sweater in her honor today), and also Leah and Jay. The team that drove me freaking crazy was Gene and Sharon. I liked that the drama wasn’t too drawn out and it only lasted 6 episodes. I also had no idea how the last episode was going to end up and literally gasped at the ending. So there’s that.

Have you watched Instant Hotel?

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Loving Right Now: Author Kristan Higgins

15 Oct

I found a new-to-me author who I love and I wanted to share it with you all! I love Kristan Higgins! I picked up her first book at the library and loved it so much that I logged in and used the library hold feature for as many of her books that I could find!

Source: Amazon.com

On Second Thought

Find it here on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2pm89VI

The first one I read was “On Second Thought” and I LOVED it. The story centers around two sisters – Ainsley and Kate. Both are going through some hard times and so they and up living together to help each other through it. There were super sad bits and laugh out loud like an idiot in my sunroom by myself bits. But all in all, I loved how she wrote these characters so much that I was salivating for more Kristan Higgins books!

Good Luck With That

Find it here on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2IMDurt

Emerson, Georgia, and Marley have been best friends ever since they met at teenagers at a weight-loss camp. After Emerson tragically passes away, she leaves a wish behind for her best friends to conquer the fears that they still carry as adults. Oh my gosh, this book made me feel all the feels. I felt so sorry for poor Emerson and I cheered as Georgia and Marley celebrated their successes.

Now that You Mention It

Find it here on Amazon: https://amzn.to/35wrHHG

This book follows the life of Nora Stuart, she earned a prestigious scholarship in high school which gave her the opportunity to leave her small town. But now, recovering from an accident she returns back home to finally find some peace and re-connect with her mother and withdrawn teenage niece. I have to admit, there was one particular scene in this book that I absolutely hated (I felt like the violence was drawn out way too long in a way that was way too ‘real’ for a chick lit kinda book). But, other than that scene, I highly enjoyed this one.

I’m still waiting on a couple more book holds to come up at my library, but I’m already ready for my next Kristan Higgins book! Have you read her?

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Loving Right Now: Brittany Runs a Marathon

23 Sep

For my birthday this past weekend, Travis and I had a weekend away and it was fabulous! One of the things we love to do when we go to the Northern Virginia area is see a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse (you can order freshly baked cookies and cold milk to come out to you DURING the movie!).

This time, I knew exactly which one I wanted… Brittany Runs a Marathon.

You guys. This movie was SOOOO good. It’s really funny and touching and I full-on cried at one part. I mean, tears down both cheeks and I had to stop myself from making that weird sobbing noise. My husband really liked it too (but says he didn’t cry…) and we both felt super inspired to make some small changes in our lives too.

Go see it.

Go see it.

Go see it.

And then let’s talk about it!

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