Loving Right Now: Erasable Highlighters

Did you know that they make erasable highlighters? DID YOU KNOW that they make ERASABLE highlighters?!

Okay, it’s obvious that I’m excited… but I never knew that they made highlighters that you can erase.

I’m one of those Type A people who still uses a paper day planner/calendar to keep my work life, home life, kid life, and um life life organized. Each group has their own highlighted color – so when I’m quickly looking for Jack stuff, I know to look for green. And if I’m looking for doctor’s appointments, I know to hunt out anything highlighted in purple.

And obviously life changes, or I make mistakes, or I get double-booked and need to cancel something. Which is why I have correction tape in my home office and my work office.

But erasable highlighters?! Well, they make my super organized little heart happy!

Here are the ones I have:

I saw them when I was at Target making heart-eyes at the office supplies section, so I bought myself a pack to try. And I LOVE them so much. I feel like a kid with brand new school supplies, all fresh and new and clean. And colorful! You should SEE my calendar, it’s a work of art.

So, obviously when I saw that highlighters were on Jack’s back-to-school list, I bought him some erasable highlighters too. Because, who doesn’t want a chance to erase a mistaken highlight? And then I bought myself a back-up set, because I never want to be without them. So yeah, you may say I’m a little obsessed. But honestly, a $5 obsession is totally allowed. Even in this economy.

And since when I love something, I tend to shout it from the rooftops, I had to share it with you all too. Buy some. You’ll love them!

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Loving Right Now: 3 Scented Items

I have a complicated relationship with scents. And honestly, I think most of us are like me — when it’s good it’s really good and when it’s not good… it’s awful.

There are plenty of scents that I don’t like. Obviously, anything stinky like BO, but also things that are *supposed* to smell nice like cologne, but when there is a little too much of it, I want to hurl. Or when you’re walking behind a lady at the park and you can literally taste her perfume on your tongue as the breeze blows it into your mouth. Blegh.

Lots of people have scent sensitivities where they can get headaches. Thankfully, that’s not normally one of my issues. However, I have had asthma attacks from overachieving room deodorant plug-ins.

All this to say, I’m picky when it comes to scents so if I find one I like, I really LOVE it. Here are 3 Scented Items that I currently love:

Hearth & Hand, Canvas – candle, $12.99 and room spray $6.99

Source: Target.com

I am OBSESSED with this candle. I was wandering around Target one day and decided to check out the Hearth & Hand section. I smelled ALL the candles, but when I smelled the “Canvas” scent, I immediately needed one. The description says it has citrus and lemon, but I don’t think that’s quite right. To me, it has a fresh and clean scent with a teeny bit of a heavier musk to it. I’ve been burning the candle in my home office on workdays, and it gives our entire upstairs a really nice smell. It’s not too strong, but just very homey.

After a couple weeks of loving my candle, I thought I might want to order the ‘Canvas’ oil diffuser for my closet. I like to keep an oil diffuser in my closet to give my clothing a smidge of scent and also keep my shoe area from smelling like shoes. However, the reviews for the oil were terrible saying that you basically had to sniff the bottle directly to smell it at all.

So, I grabbed this room spray for $7 when I was in the store and it’s perfect. I just give the room a few spritzes every so often and I feel like the whole room (and all my clothes) are very freshly scented. It doesn’t punch you in the face or anything, it’s just very subtle like when you shop at Anthropologie and then sniff your new clothes when you get home. {That’s a normal thing to do, right?}

Sparta Candle Co. soaps, $3 and $8

Source: Sparta Candle Co website

My sister sent me an Instagram Reel with the Sparta Candle Co owners dancing to Taylor Swift music and they were adorable, so I started following them. Well, within a week I put in an order for some of their handmade soaps and I don’t regret it a bit! I ordered a mini Mahogany Rock soap ($3), a mini Fairy Tale soap ($3), a mini Soda Fountain Soap ($3) and two of their Backwoods Bean soaps ($8 each).

I started with the mini Mahogany Rock soap and that tiny little soap has lasted me over a month! It foams up really well, the sparkles are so pretty and it smells AMAZING! The Backwoods Bean soap is also absolutely delicious smelling with coffee, hazelnut and vanilla. It’s currently on sale for $8 per gigantic bar (from $12), so I’m glad I stocked up and ordered two. You can find their adorable Instagram account here.

Neutrogena Body Oil, Light Sesame, $10.99

Source: Amazon.com

I have year-round dry skin, so I started using this after my showers. I keep it in the shower with me and apply it to lightly damp skin. I smooth it all over all my bits and it soaks in by time I’m ready to put my clothes on. Not only does it make me feel nice and moisturized all day, my skin smells amazing! I am now a lifelong fan and I’ll buy this when I’m 100 years old!

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Loving Right Now: FUBAR on Netflix

{Pssst, my Loving Right Now posts aren’t paid or sponsored or anything. They are just stuff that I’m totally digging now and thought you would like too. You can check out my previous posts here}

I haven’t done a Loving Right Now post in quite a while, but we binged a new show over the holiday weekend and it was so much fun I have to share!

Source: Netflix.com

Yup, that’s Arnold Schwarzenegger and he’s back, baby! He plays a CIA operative that is *just* about to retire and is pulled back in for one last job. Oh yeah, and he finds out his daughter is also in the CIA.

It’s hilarious and has some great action. And like my favorite version of Arnold – it doesn’t take itself to seriously. Both Travis and I laughed throughout the entire 8 episode series and even Jack was into it (there is bad language and just all around kicking butt and shooting people, so keep that in mind if you allow your kid to watch). There are lots of callbacks to Arnold’s previous movies, so that was really fun to see too.

It just came out on Netflix, so watch it a million times so that we can get a session two!

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