Loving Right Now: FUBAR on Netflix

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I haven’t done a Loving Right Now post in quite a while, but we binged a new show over the holiday weekend and it was so much fun I have to share!

Source: Netflix.com

Yup, that’s Arnold Schwarzenegger and he’s back, baby! He plays a CIA operative that is *just* about to retire and is pulled back in for one last job. Oh yeah, and he finds out his daughter is also in the CIA.

It’s hilarious and has some great action. And like my favorite version of Arnold – it doesn’t take itself to seriously. Both Travis and I laughed throughout the entire 8 episode series and even Jack was into it (there is bad language and just all around kicking butt and shooting people, so keep that in mind if you allow your kid to watch). There are lots of callbacks to Arnold’s previous movies, so that was really fun to see too.

It just came out on Netflix, so watch it a million times so that we can get a session two!

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